American Horror Story: Hotel – “She Gets Revenge” Review

This week we pulled focus again from The Countess and honed in on Liz. Now, I have to admit that I love Liz, but she is not the character I want to see in this case. I want to stay focused on what little plot there is. Hotel instead had been a character study. The characters certainly are rich enough, but as a cohesive season it is not. So as we dig into Liz and her desire to die, that is quickly put a stopper to. Not because her desire is unreasonable, but because her desire is one that would end in disaster. If she dies in that hotel with unfinished business, she’ll never get to leave the Cortez. So Liz sets out to reunite with her son. The hink in the plan was that her son was accepting. Angry, but accepting. Which is why the major swerve at the end of the episode felt so fantastic, even if it was only a diversion. The fact that it was set to Hotline Bling made it even better.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "She Gets Revenge"The one major positive was that even though we focused on another tangential plot line, we did get more of the Countess. Between her and Donovan the vampires of old were both eliminated. For the Countess, the murder she thought she’d successfully completed, came back to bite her in the face. Since he was killed in the Cortez he’s still lingering around to haunt her. He screwed up her initial police report, but it never really mattered since he was dead after all. Instead, it just became clear that the Countess had everything planned out and that involved manipulating, Drake’s son.

Alex and John are possibly the worst parents ever. Between the two of them, their daughter has been practically forgotten. I was quite surprised that they acknowledged both their daughter and their crappy parenting. It’s been going on so long I thought they might sweep it under the carpet. They acknowledged it, even if it was only briefly. They were on to the next thing. Now that they could finally see past everything keeping them apart, they could work together. They have to take down all those damn rogue vampire kids. I still don’t know how it’s not causing some sort of upheaval and ruckus with all the people going missing. As for Alex and John, their relationship is finally mending now that they are embracing the darker sides of themselves.

Except for the fact that Sally still wants John. Truthfully, I don’t really care about their little tryst. We really only saw them together for one episode. Sure, they were together for years, but we only saw the fast forward of that. We never got a true sense that they were really together because everyone was hiding things from John.The pair of them don’t even really make sense to me. Then again. Alex and John don’t make all that much sense.

What did you think of the episode?

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