Z Nation – “All Good Things Must Come to an End” Season Finale Review

Murphy has now been remanded into the custody of the CDC. There he learned that people were sick. More interesting was the fact that a similar vaccine was used on the populace of the CDC. They were all the same sort of zombie like state. Where things got interesting was the fact that those vaccinated were beginning to turn out right. Watching them stand around was odd, but for a show like Z nation it almost made sense. In the end Murphy just bit everyone that he wanted to control, sped off on a boat before it was destroyed.

In the midst of this 10k was shot and had to be taken along with the crew from the CDC that had come for Murphy. It kept him out of harm’s way from the shootout, but left him to the whim of the CDC and potentially becoming another Murphy follower.

Murphy was also being pursued by La Reina and the head in a body Kurrian. The banter between the two of them was rather amusing. The real problem was that La Reina was ready to kill them all to get to Murphy. She was filled with rage I get it. No one wants to be jerked around like she was. She became on of his monsters because of how he acted. This left them practically at a stand still as they waited for La Reina’s attack with her people as they tried to stay alive. The fact that Murphy wasn’t with them didn’t matter any more.

That lead to a big face off between Roberta and La Reina. For a minute it was a good fight, bu then La Reina started to over power her. Warren would have ended up dead if El Escorpion didn’t show up, apparently not dead after his show down with Vasquez. El Escorpion was out to stop the abomination that they were and just happened to lead a helping hand. he didn’t want to hurt any one else and thus didn’t put up a right against Warren and the crew. It was a strange offering for Vasquez and not only could he not kill Vasquez he also felt purposeless and decided not to head out with Warren, Addy, and Doc.

They weren’t afraid to shy away from the last visual of Murphy’s daughter gleefully playing tea with a pair of zombies. She’s grown so much.

Also there were a bunch of great little callbacks to prior events in this episode that made everything that happened feel remembered.

What did you think of the episode?

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