The Expanse – “Remember The Cant” Review

This is the second time watching this episode and I have to admit that there’s a lot going on. This episode dials back the action and intensity to allow us some perspective on what is actually going on. What that means is that this episode is slower than the previous two episodes. It is a chance to breath and get to know these characters a bit bitter. However, what this episode allows for is the opportunity to explain how things are starting to link together.

The Expanse - "Remember the Cant"Jim and his crew of the Knight have encountered the Donnager, A MCRN ship. Immediately there is tension between our crew and the Donnager Crew. It is clear that there are some big issues that are going on there. However as the questioning continues it slowly becomes apparent that they don’t know what is going on either. What they do see is a belter in the Knight crew and an opportunity to pass blame onto Naomi by accusing her of being an OPA agent sent to pin it on the Martians. It is yet another sign that the tensions between the different people are.

The tension is also felt in the scenes with Chrisjen. She knows that something is up. In fact, she’s captivating to watch which is rather fascinating considering her story is extremely political. While others in charge are trying to figure out the chaos. I liked how smart they are playing Chrisjen. She was the one to realize that mars was not behind the attack. However, them realizing that Mars was not behind the attack was not fast enough. Still it left everyone in that Union scrambling to figure out what they were going to do next.

The Expanse - "Remember the Cant"The tension was also present on Ceres. The Belters are angry at the destruction of the Cant. They were willing to withhold water from passing Martians. That was until Anderson Dawes appeared. He was the voice of reason. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t about the fight. Everything he did had a reason behind it. he wanted the Belters to be safe, he wanted them to have their rights. He realized that they would never be taken seriously if the Martians and people from earth continued to see them as subhuman. That meant not behaving like petty creatures and witholding water.

Differences from the book
Muss has been introduced way too early and it’s throwing me off
Alex was treated like a king by the Martian’s
Naomi accused of being OPA
Havelock is injured

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What did you think of the episode?

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