Supergirl – “Blood Bonds” Review

Hank Henshaw is in the custody of Non and his people. That is a dangerous position for him to be in that said, his secret gives him a bit of an advantage. He’s able to throw off Non and thwart the attempts to get in his head. He’s not in real danger and that makes things even more interesting. Now that his secret is out in the open it’s clear that he is in a precarious situation. I wish we got to see a bit more of him. I’m glad the secret wasn’t kept from Kara for too long.

supergirls01e09x03General Lane strolled back in not allowing Alex to take point because of her relationship with Hank. Lane is just harsh. He is a military man of high rank and knows his ways of getting answers. He needs to know where their base is and is willing to torture it out of Astra. It was rough seeing Astra tortured the more that we learn about why she was sent to the Phantom Zone. Astra is certainly a person who troublesome actions, she’s dangerous, but she is also someone who isn’t out for destruction for the sake of it. However we are seeing more and more glimpses

Then there is James who wants to be a hero in her own right. The real problem is that James has no powers. When his plan to sneak up on Lord backfired, it was proof. It was troublesome, but I like that James isn’t just sitting to the side like a true auxiliary character. Sure, he failed this time, but for the sake of his character, I hope he does it again and succeeds.

supergirls01e08x00Cat Grant is on to Kara and the fact that she is Supergirl. The more she questions and speaks to Kara the more sure she is that Kara is Supergirl. I’m glad that she finally figured it out. I’m even more glad that we get a good sense of what she is capable of. She sees Supergirl as someone who can do good. Even more troublesome was that Cat believed that if Kara really is Supergirl, she shouldn’t be working for her, she should be out helping more people than catering to Cat’s mundane needs. It says a lot about Cat’s Character and I’m enjoying where her character has come. Cat won’t allow Kara to work for her if she really is Supergirl, forcing her to quit. I’m actually kind of upset that Kara got Hank’s help to trick Cat. It was like Kara didn’t understand the point Cat was trying to drive home. I simply wish it was handled differently.

What did you think of the episode?

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