American Horror Story: Hotel – “Battle Royale” Review

It really wasn’t all that surprising that the ambush led against The Countess wasn’t quite successful. There are more episodes in the season and she is most certainly the heart of this show this season. The attack left both Donovan and The Countess mortally wounded. Iris and Liz. They did get Donovan outside in what seemed like enough time to keep him from dying in the Cortez and being stuck there with the Countess again. After his recent change of heart, I was a little surprised that he didn’t want to be there with her.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Battle Royale"Then there was The Countess who was saved by Hypodermic Sally. For reasons, I’m still not completely sure actually make sense. That said, she at least had her reasons and did everything she could to save the Countess, not that she was kind in the way she saved The Countess.

What was really interesting was that Queenie made an appearance. Yes, Queenie from season 3 (Coven). It was the same Queenie and there were even references and talk of the coven. While she appeared at the same time that Iris and Liz. Queenie stood a chance being a human voodoo doll. For a minute I couldn’t remember exactly how her power worked until Ramona got hurt. The attack ended up failing when it was James March who ended up killing Queenie. Ramona did need the blood after all.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Battle Royale"The actual confrontation between The Countess and Ramona was a lot less anger filled and more tension filled. Instead they just made an agreement. They hashed things out a bit. Then The Countess gave Ramona the hotel. We never actually saw if Ramona died or if they really did just hook up and walk away. However, just when it seemed that The Countess was finally going to get out of the Cortez herself, when John decided it was time to take out the Countess and add her to his commandment kills. Now she’ll never get to leave the Cortez.

What did you think of the episode?

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