Heroes Reborn – “Company Woman” Review

In case you didn’t know, Heroes Reborn has not been picked up for a second season meaning it’s cancelled, meaning when this ends it’s goodbye Heroes Reborn.

Heroes Reborn - "Company Woman"Tommy is now more determined than ever to help Renautaus and Kravid with their plan for Gateway. They know that the Healey is coming and he truly believes that he has no other option. he doesn’t want people to die and it’s his best bet. Everyone who is wearing a watch will be brought to the future. We even see that things get bad. It was good that Tommy finally saw that he was being used, not for the good of humanity, but for her own means. That was clear when his girlfriend didn’t have a watch and he overheard the scientists talking.

What I wasn’t ready for was the Erica Kravid backstory. It felt manipulative to the viewer. What happened in her past is horrible. She was put into a rough place and it makes sense why she does not like evos as a result. It makes sense and it’s something that can impact a person. That said, it does not give her the right to be as terrible as she has been to evos. So it felt like the story was trying to more than just explain why she felt the way she did toward evos. She was raped, she was manipulated, and pushed to the brink. Her dislike came from on person though. It does not make her a good person for the things she has done to evos, but the show tried to paint it as though it was justified, which left me unsettled.

Taylor Kravid is pregnant with an Evo kid from her now dead boyfriend thanks to her mother. She’s at yet another crossroads with her mother. They can’t see eye to eye no matter what and I’m glad that Taylor ultimately stood up to her mother. Her mother has done terrible things to the people that she knew Taylor cared about, she’s manipulated her and I’m glad Taylor sees it.

Luke is still with Frady’s. Malina is fairly certain that he thinks he’ll kill them when he takes them away. Phoebe got away, but Quentin decided that he’d stay an help. Luke gets the bright idea to broadcast Malina’s wearabouts, which worked. Micah then caught the transmission and sent it out in a loop. Tommy caught the transmission. it was one of those series of events that really worked well. However that brought everyone converging on the school. Luke burnt Joanne to cinders, but not before Farah was shot saving Malina from Joanne’s gunfire.

Heroes Reborn - "Company Woman"Emily and Ren ended up crossing paths. They were both trying to find Tommy. They did, but not until it was too late and Otomo had already caught him. They did manage to break out into underground floor. Although I don’t know the point of having Tommy in the game unless that means they can force him to use his power. However that game world was never fully fleshed out.

What did you think of the episode?

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