Supergirl – “Childish Things” Review

Kara got it right when she said it was fun as she was flying around with J’on. It was a lot of fun just to watch the two of them taking to the sky under the pretense of Hank training Kara on proper flying technique. It’s nice that they are working on the same side now.

Supergirl - "Childish Things"The goal is now to go after Maxwell Lord. He’s come after them too many times for them to just sit back and it’s interesting. Though Alex is rather persistent that Hank help with his powers, he’s resistant. Still they lead their own little charge to attempt to get the grip into Lord. That meant Alex accepting a date with Lord. What is more and more interesting is that while she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t seem to like his lies, there is an unmistakable chemistry. It isn’t just a once sided chemistry either. The real problem is that Hank hates using his abilities and what it does to people. Now a man lost his memories and that is weighing on Hank. All of it might have been for nothing because Lord had back ups on his back ups and the video that should have been cleared. One the video front, it’s unsettling that Lord now knows that Kara and Alex are sisters.

The real focus of the episode was actually Winn’s father who came back into the picture. When Winn was first introduced, those who were fans of DC were quick to pick up that Winn shared the same name as the Toyman and DC villain. It isn’t uncommon that a villain character is paired into the team. Where things got interesting was the fact that Toyman was actually Winn’s father. We didn’t learn much about him or their relationship other than that Sr. Was in jail and Jr. didn’t like talking about it. This was our first real look at that villainous ancestry. The Toyman was full of tricks, but more importantly allowed Winn’s character to finally develop. Winn harbors a lot of insecurities and uncertainties. He’s filled with a lot of rage as a result.

Supergirl - "Childish Things"His father was truly deranged. He longed to be able to be with his son. He wanted to be a father to Winn, but Winn was long past that. Winn Sr. was willing to force his son to commit a crime, not just for his own revenge, but so that he could be in jail with Winn. That is what made things the worst was that he knew it would get his son in trouble with the law. His sense of what was right and what needed to be done was so screwed up that he was willing to kill people at a convention. That said it’s not surprising considering what landed Winn Sr. in jail in the first place.

It was interesting seeing Cat torture someone else other than Kara for a change. Instead she was sinking her criticism into Lucy. Cat wants to hire Lucy and Lucy is ready to take it. Lucy sees it as a great opportunity. James isn’t so thrilled at the prospect of having Lucy around all the time. Honestly, I’m waiting for that relationship to sink and burn. It isn’t that I’m rooting for Kara and James, I actually prefer Kara with Winn, but because Lucy and James have no chemistry. I’m okay with that storyline just ending.

Supergirl - "Childish Things"Speaking of Kara and Winn. Winn finally for the first time made a move. He’s been oogling Kara for a while. It was obvious to everyone but her. Now that He’s not only kissed Kara, but then admitted that he loved her I felt all sorts of emotions. I can totally understand where Kara is coming from. It was a bombshell for her and she doesn’t know how she feels. At the same time, I’m glad Winn got it out there. Winn is really such a great guy, but he’s the friend. I hope that in time they can overcome it because if it comes down to James or Winn, I choose Winn every day. Winn is the one who appreciates Kara. Winn is the one who sees her. Winn’s personality melds with Kara in a way that is both encouraging and down to earth in a way Kara needs. So yes, I’m team Winn.

What did you think of the episode?

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