Agent Carter – “A View in the Dark” Review

Jarvis is absolutely hilarious. The fact that he was wrestling and lifting weights was rather funny. It was quite the show that we saw and was even funnier when Ana commented on his lackluster skills. Sure, Jarvis isn’t inept, but he isn’t quite effective either. He is what he is an he’s been providing quite the humor so far this season.

Agent Carter - "A View in the Dark"Isodyne is still trying to market their product, but they were shut out. The recent exposure is something that is compromising Calvin’s company and position. The council is clearly the one in control, but Calvin is being run by his wife. Heck, I’m not sure that he has any agency at all. He is a puppet and watching him being maneuvered around the board is rather interesting.

Peggy is finally spending some time with Jason in order to get more information about Isodyne. The fact that she keeps running into corporate blocks and convenient interferences with her investigation seems to make sense. For Peggy this is information. For Jason this is an opportunity to get to know Peggy better. The real question is why he wants this information. He seems to be lulling her into a place where she will trust him and like him. He even got her to dance with him. There is a real chemistry between the two of them and I enjoy seeing them together. Thus their kiss really worked. Then it hurt even more when it seemed that he died. She was emotionally wrecked.

Eventually Jason got the intel about gravitron and what they were then calling zero matter. He was fascinated by zero matter and he entered that enigmatic scientific state. What is clear is that they don’t know what zero matter comes from. However Peggy and Jason were forced to run after a little while. Peggy’s new goal was to steal the zero matter. That really didn’t work out quite like she had hoped. Whitney Frost thought it worthwhile to attack Wilkes as he was taking it and that just led to the zero matter getting free.

Peggy already met Daniel’s new beau, even if he didn’t intend it. They seemed to get on nicely to the point that Violet invited Peggy out to dinner with them. One can tell it is going to be a rather awkward dinner, that said it provides some necessary force. The show only has but so many episodes and that means there is no time for them to dawdle to long on their awkward situation. I’m glad it is moving quickly. Heck he was about to propose to Violet. Peggy stumbled on the ring and forced Daniel to go to their planned dinner and let her handle business.

Agent Carter - "A View in the Dark"Lastly, I really want to address that Agent Carter isn’t shying away from addressing racism. They are treating things well and realistically. When Peggy went in to the store with Jason to ask for money for the phone, the man at the register only cared if she was okay. The implication was obvious that Jason was forcing himself upon Peggy. When it became clear that was not the case, he forced them to buy something to get what they wanted. For Reggie this made sense and was common, but to Peggy not only was it an inconvenience, but it was a foreign occurrence. That was interesting to see play out. More interesting was the fact that They seem to be playing into this relationship for the time being.

What did you think of the episode?

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