Agent Carter – “The Lady in the Lake” Season Premiere Review

I am so glad that Peggy Carter is back in action. Despite the fact that she’s back, she’s still suffering from a lot of issues with being a woman in the SSR. Jack is in charge of the New York office, while Sousa is off in LA running his own office. Sousa needed some help and Jack saw it as the perfect excuse to ship Peggy away to help Sousa on his Lady in the Lake case. Clearly there are still tensions among all of them. Thankfully Sousa was the least judgmental of the bunch especially since there was a thing between them. Though that seems to be done now that Sousa seems to have a girl.

The Expanse - "The Lady in the Lake"The Lady in the Lake case was bizarre. it seemed that people were instafreezed and thoroughly. The lady they pulled out was a solid block, her shoes were switched, and she also seemed to glow from the inside. It’s a bizarre case. Slowly things were pieced together, but it was the odd way it turned out things where happening. learning that the cop was behind it was odd. Whatever was in their blood was what froze them. Direct blood contact seemed to cause it to spread. While they may have caused the immediate issue, it only revealed larger problems.

While Peggy was sneaking in to a place to find out more information she ran into an eager scientist. He started by asking if she wanted to be thunderstruck then proceeded to show her some wine. He was enigmatic and engaging. He was fantastic and instantly someone that I wanted to spend more time with. There was something sweet about him. But his presence also brought forth another issue with the time, race. Jason Wilkes is a fascinating character and I’m glad to know that we’ll be seeing more of him. He’s not hiding that he’s highly intelligent or that he has an interest in Peggy.

The Expanse - "The Lady in the Lake"It was so wonderful to see Peggy and Jarvis. There’s something about their banter that is wonderful. Also the fact that he’s more than willing to act as Peggy’s chauffeur rather than spend all his time with Stark’s ever growing menagerie in his LA home. This time around we also got to meet Mrs. Jarvis who was full of energy in every way. The enthusiasm in which she kissed Jarvis, I would have understood the discomfort Peggy felt if I were there. That said, she’s a fun addition especially since she gave Peggy a garter that doubled as a holster.

The final reveal that Wilkes seems to know about gravitron is interesting especially in how it will play out.

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What did you think of the episode?

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