The Flash – “Potential Energy” Review

Barry is paranoid about Patty’s safety. He was traumatized by Zoom and now keeps imagining the worst. His dreams he thinks are only effecting him are being noticed by Patty to the point that she confronted Iris for advice. There was a lot of tension between the two, but Barry was making the strides to clue Patty in to what was going on. The one frustrating thing was that after their fancy date mishap Barry didn’t tell Patty the one thing that he was about to tell her before. It is a shame because it is breaking his relationship and he knows what he needs to do. He just didn’t do it in time. He waited too long and now he’s lost her.

The Flash - "Potential Energy"In a thought of trying to go after a way to make Barry faster, Cisco stumbled up The Turtle. This villain isn’t doing things at super speed, but he’s slowing everything around him. It was an impressive skill to see against Barry. Even Barry was locked into place as he saw The Turtle steal the item. Barry was frozen, but alert to everything around him. When they tried to set up a trap to trick the turtle it almost went bad. While Barry was able to push forward through being frozen, the more The Turtle exerted his force over him the slower he got. In this case it meant that he was barely able to save Patty from a falling chandelier and ended up taking the brunt of the damage. Saving Patty only made her a target for the Turtle who wanted to draw The Flash out.

I’ve been really digging the relationship between Cisco and Harrison. They have this antagonism, but they support each other. More importantly, they challenge each other. It pushes them both to help barry more. That said, Harrison’s methods are a little bit too intense.

The Flash - "Potential Energy"Wally is now part of the family, well kind of. He’s joining in a bit, but he’s got a chip on his shoulder. Not only is he being a dick to Joe, but he’s also throwing shade at Barry and I don’t much appreciate it. What I am glad is that Barry isn’t suddenly being ostracized from his family because the birth West son is there. Unfortunately Wally isn’t really trying to actively accept Joe as his father. What isn’t surprising is that Joe found out that Wally was out racing on the streets. Also not surprising was that Wally was acting like a dick in response. This is a the guy who is just meeting his father, but rather than understanding that Joe never knew about him he blames him.

What did you think of the episode?

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