Arrow – “Blood Debts” Review

Felicity is alive. She’s still in bad shape with apparent nerve damage. She’s been in and out of surgery and looks it, but even still she’s maintaining her usual humor and wit. It’s a credit to her character, but that’s still not a place you want to see her in. All this time Oliver did everything he could to try to find Darhk and was never with her. Oliver only made it to the hospital when they got news that things weren’t good and he had to go. Once he did he learned Felicity’s prognosis. She is paralyzed and it can’t be fixed. Felicity is never going to walk again. Now there could be some sort of alternative that becomes an option down the line, but for now and the foreseeable future she’s not working. What that means is she is a girl in a chair. Despite this, she was still there for Oliver giving him the support that he needed when he needed it most. Also it’s abundantly clear that Felicity was not the person in the grave.

Arrow - "Blood Debts"Oliver is using Quentin’s connection to Damien Darhk to try to get more information. Oliver needs to find Darhk. Similarly John is trying to get through to his brother still. Each of them managed to get information. Their leads each were rather duds, but the kept working. They were motivated by the fact that they all love Felicity and she didn’t deserve it. So when things started to come together all the information that both leads had ended up coming to a head.

Arrow - "Blood Debts"Anarky is the villain they are approaching. he’s leaving his symbol all around town as the mark that he’s causing problems. Anarky is obsessed with Thea. He sees her as his savior. Someone who opened him up to a new world. More importantly Anarky can provide Oliver with the potential in. Anarky wants to kill Darhk, so Oliver opted to free Anarky after he was arrested in order to track him to Darhk. The real problem is Anarky is nuts, but he isn’t true anarchy. Everything he does is for a reason and is logical, he just doesn’t have the sense to realize it’s a bad idea. Thankfully, he reeled it in and was able to stop Anarky and got a chance to confront Darhk. Darhk’s wife proved to be even

More people are getting in on Quentin’s relationship with Felicity’s mom. Laurel was surprised, but slowly more and people are finding out.

What did you think of the episode?

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