Suicide Squad Trailer

I’ve been waiting for Suicide Squad for a while. When it comes to all the upcoming DC movies Suicide Squad was the one that was getting me excited. Check out the trailer below and some talk about who these characters are.

Initial Reaction

The pairing of Bohemian Rhapsody with this trailer was in fact a minor stroke of genius. Between the lyrics and the changing tone and pace it is the perfect pairing. It added this sense of excitement to the trailer as well as subtext. The fact that it played throughout the trailer really worked. The trailer provided introductions which were brief and to the point to those who don’t know the characters.I’m excited I’m thrilled to see what sort of adventure they are going into. We know it will be dangerous and the colored spiral which was presumably taken from the third act could be a reference to the Lantern Corps.

Who are the Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller, the woman in charge of ARGUS, a secret government organization, recruits a team of villains to undertake a highly dangerous mission. The idea is that by using villains they are potentially killing off some of their villain problems while taking care of the threat. Successful completion of missions get these villains one step closer to freedom. So the villains are both motivated to take on these highly dangerous missions. The team consists of mainly villains, but a few anti-heroes including: Rick Flagg, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, El Diablo, Enchanctress, and Katana.

Rick Flagg is the leader of the Suicide Squad and isn’t a villain like the others. That said like Waller there is an edge to him, he’s no ordinary government agent. He’s in the rough and knows how to handle himself and ingratiate himself with these villains.

Suicide SquadDeadshot aka Harvey is an expert shot. He is one of those characters that walks the line of morality. He is quick to take contracts and kill anyone necessary, but he isn’t the worst character out there. He’s definitely a bad guy, but he isn’t out to just kill for the sake of killing.

Suicide Squad - Captain BoomerangCaptain Boomerang is insane. He fights with boomerangs and has no real powers. Overall he’s just kind of a jerk.

Suicide Squad - Harley QuinnHarley Quinn is the protege and is totally in love with the Joker. Much like the Joker, Harley is crazy. I don’t want to tell you much about Harley Quinn because she is one of those characters best experienced. If you’ve never experienced Harley check out a great episode with he here:

Suicide Squad -Killer CrocKiller Croc is most recognized again from Batman. He is an oversized man who has changed into a much larger man resembling a croc. He’s large, has extremely tough skin, and sharp teeth. He isn’t the brightest.

Suicide Squad - El DiabloEl Diablo is another one of those characters that really isn’t all that bad. He has tthe ability to cheat death, but is ultimately someone who isn’t out for death, destruction, and general villainy. In fact, he has a pretty solid moral compass. That doesn’t mean he was an innocent. He’s done bad things in his relations to his gang and to protect and avenge those he cares about.

Enchantress is a woman who is possessed by a witch. Again she is one of those ambiguous characters. The witch possessing her makes her mentally unstable and unreliable. Through her character history, she has done both good and bad with her abilities. It is clear this time she’ll be erring on the side of bad.

Suicide Squad - KatanaKatana is the strangest member of the team because she’s the most straight forward hero. She does have a messed up path which has impacted her morality. Also her soul literally captures the souls of those it kills. That said, she still is probably the least villainous of the bunch even if she does have a dark side.

The Joker

Suicide Squad - JokerA rogue element of sorts within this world. He’s absolutely insane. When he was first revealed people were skeptical and for solid reasons. I was one of those who actually found this incarnation of Joker an interesting depiction. Even better, I found him to look believably insane. The glimpses we got in this trailer have only fed the beast. The Joker this time around is one that seems to relish in violence in an overt way. There is no subtle undercurrent. There’s no temptation to think maybe he won’t kill me in an attempt to play his perverse games. This Joker is the kind who will kill you without a second thought then laugh it off as you brains scatter against a wall. He’s deranged and I’m looking forward to seeing him playout whatever villainous plan he has.

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I’m looking forward to seeing Suicide Squad. Are you?

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