Heroes Reborn – “Project Reborn” Series Finale Review

Tommy may be trapped in a virtual world, but it Renautus was prepared to use him in that way. They weren’t sure they’d be able to utilize his power while he was within, but it managed to work rather well. In the end he brought all those people to the future against his will, but we were left hanging for a bit on the toll of what happened to him. It was only within that virtual reality that Tommy was able to break time in such a way that he could speak to himself and force himself to remember. as things went on it was clear there were many other memories he was forced to face. Not all of those memories were good. However the virutal gave him time to master being in two places at once.

Heroes Reborn - "Project Reborn"It wasn’t until the memories came to light and they struggled to make things work. We finally saw where Noah had been. The twins needed a conduit to stop the Healey. Tommy essentially saved Noah so that he could be the conduit between Malina and Tommy to stop the Healey. He would have died otherwise and now he he would die to save the world. It was the kind of noble thing Noah would do.Together the three of them were able to save the Earth and Kravid got left to non-existence.

Ren’s mission finally came to a head when he was pushed into the forefront. Once the real Malina was save Otomo sent Ren intot he game to fight alongside Katana Girl in the collapsing world. It was visually interesting to see everything decaying as things went on. All the while they were seeking out Tommy to put an end to everything and free him.

Heroes Reborn - "Project Reborn"Luke managed to stop the solar flare that was right above the Gateway of their time. It really was perfect for Luke who manipulated this ability. He was suddenly able to harness his ability with such acuity to stop the first flare. In the process he ended up absobing himself as it was destroyed safely. It gave Malina the opportunity to run with Quentin to try to further stop the calabity that was ensuing. However once inside the building Phoebe started attacking Malina with her power. It forced Quentin to take up arms against his sister to make her stop. Phoebe still couldn’t see that Kravid had abandoned her and was ready to kill Malina, forcing Quentin to kill her.

Carlos, his nephew, and Noah were concerned with helping Farah. Thanks to Carlos’s nephew they were able to save her. No sooner than they had they were sidelined with trying to help more people who were coming in injured and needing help in the abandoned hospital.

It is a shame that they set up the next season, but it will never happen because NBC opted not to pick up more..

What did you think of the episode?

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