Legends of Tomorrow – “Pilot, Part 1” Series Premiere Review

The future Rip Hunter comes from 22nd Century London where Vandal Savage ha systematically taken over the world. It is a world of chaos and deal Savage is right on the front line. When he killed the child who stood up to him it was how dangerous the time was.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Pilot, Part 1"Recruiting the team isn’t just an easy well come on gang. Rip had to do some convincing and the rest of them needed to figure out if what he was offering was something that they really wanted. Each of them have very different personalities. Not all of them want to be part of this team. A little persuasion helped most of them out.

Their first time travel jaunt was back to 1975 to meet a professor doomed to die before his death. Even though they were ready for the mission, not everyone was allowed to go out. Instead, some of them were forced to stay inside since their skillsets were needed. Those people happened to be Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and Sara Lance. Jax was so annoyed that Stein had drugged and kidnapped him he stuck behind with them as some others went out on the mission. Before long the rough members went out for a drink. Sara just wanted to have a nice little dance when she got hit on. What followed was a massive bar brawl set to the Captain and Tennille.

What was most interesting was that the man that they were going to visit Professor Boardman turned out to be one of Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s children born in the 1930s. It was an interesting development even if neither Kendra or Carter realized it. Their son seemed plenty pleased to be meeting another one of their reincarnations. With the knowledge that their son was going to die Kendra and Carter weren’t going to just leave him behind to die. While they got him to safety, he was still injured and died.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Pilot, Part 1"The interesting twist came when we learned Rip Hunter’s real mission. Turned out that Chronos was hunting him down because he commandeered the Waverider. Rip was acting out against what the Time Master’s wanted. They were never a group of legendary heroes. Instead they were just a group of people who had skills. However slowly the team came to accept that if they wanted to buck the cap on reality and really make themselves legends they would need to keep working with Rip.

The one thing that was abundantly clear was that Legends of Tomorrow is not afraid of being like Star Wars. Not only were there many Star Wars references, but there were also parallels with the time masters and their rules against having kids. It was a harsh and fitting blow when you learned the kid from the beginning wasn’t just a kid, but was also Rip’s son.

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