The 100 – “Wanheda Part 1” Season Premiere Review

Murphy was left in the bunker to go crazy. Left in that terrible bunker to whither. He had no food left. He watched the same videos over and over, seeing a man die and the world end. Over and over again he watched it. his hair unkempt his sanity slipping. Then the locks opened. He had the opportunity to go home, or at least get out was an option. Then he found the mansion Jaha was holed up in and learned that he’d been there all along. There’s obviously tension between the two men. it doesn’t seem to help that Jaha seems to be drinking the kool-aid the hologram is doling out. Murphy is more skeptical and just sees the hologram that launched the end of the world and made the world what it was. Jaha is ready to move out to the city of light, Murphy isn’t so inclined until a grounder he took a liking to before seems to be joining.

The 100 - "Wanheda Part 1"After Maya died, Jasper was left a hull. There’s so little left of him. it’s like he’s not there. Everyone is concerned with him, but brining him out on their little missions is the only thing that keeps him going. However when a grounder grabbed at Jasper he just let it happen. He didn’t fight back, he leaned into it. Grinning like a mad man as the grounder started to cut Jasper’s throat, Jasper is unhinged. However it’s this encounter that leaves the young sky people worried about breaking the truce to save Jasper. When Indra reappears it becomes very clear that the grounders and sky people will need to get along in order to get Clarke,

Clarke is off being ridiculous. By ridiculous, I mean being an intense hunter that is racking up problems with those she interacts yet still found time to dye her hair red. Okay, so really my only problem is that she dyed her hair red, maybe in an attempt to throw off grounders who didn’t know who she was, but clearly people still seem to know. Clarke is a dangerous girl. Fierce. Now that she’s on her own she’s proving more than capable without the need for others. That doesn’t mean she is against the company of a young woman who gave subtle aid to her. She was quickly filled with fear and paranoia when things had cooledNow that she’s being hunted she may need to be open to taking more help.

The 100 - "Wanheda Part 1"One of the interesting elements last season was Octavia’s slow transition into being more grounder than sky person. However this season it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the dichotomy between the two groups as Lincoln has been accepted into the sky people. Octavia doesn’t see it as a positive and sees it only as a negative. She doesn’t like that it seems like he is their monkey in a suit, while he sees it as a sign that the two groups can live together. it will be interesting to see how things go in the future.

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