Agent Carter – “Better Angels” Review

Hello Howard Stark. He came into the picture while he was filming his picture. A film based on a comic, of which the show had a few good quips. He brought just as much flair as always. he’s a bit chaotic and rather fantastic. Despite his philandering ways and outlandish nature, he is still probably the smartest person in the room. He is quickly to work and transitions from fawning off women and directing movies to making creations.

Agent Carter - "Better Angels"What is interesting was that Peggy seemed to be effected by zero matter. She wasn’t contaminated, but the gravitational field was disrupted. The field around her was disrupted because Wilkes had been hanging around her. Stark was capable of making him visible, even made it so he could talk to them, but it only last for a period of time. They got some information from him, but fixing him wasn’t quite there yet. It was hard not to see the immediate connection between Peggy and Wilkes again.

Whitney Frost is a formidable opponent. It’s interesting to see her go against Peggy. Where Peggy uses her wits and force to get things done. Whitney uses her wits to manipulate those around her. She makes sure situations are played out how she wishes. The problem is that she wants Peggy dead. She was able to convince her husband to foolishly go after Peggy. Yet even Whitney is subject to the troubles of being a woman in Hollywood. But the subtle advance and then accusation unleashed her new power.

Agent Carter - "Better Angels"They are trying to pin everything on Wilkes as being a Russian spy. It is a bit disconcerting to see how easily it was one. Even incorporeal Wilkes was wonderful. He helped Stark and was in and out of being visible, but the chemistry between Wilkes and Peggy never dwindled.

Jack Thompson reemerged. He was willing to sign off on everything they said about Wilkes. Heck, he was urging it. Then he actually did what Peggy suggested. He watched the video about zero matter. That seemed to send a bit of fear down Jack’s spine. Then his new friend came questioning about exactly what he’d just seen. Suddenly he realized that Peggy might have been on to something and kept the info from his new friend in high places. However it typical Jack fashion he caved despite his gut saying he shouldn’t.

What did you think of the episode?

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