The Flash – “The Reverse-Flash Returns” Review

Eobard Thawne is now after Barry Allen. After a whole season of that it would have been easy for this to feel like a retread. However rather than it being a more simply explained Earth-2 Eobard Thawne, it was the same Thawne just from a different point in time. He was still able to exist because he did exist in Barry’s past so he couldn’t be completely erased. It is rather confusing and the more I poke at it, the more it actually unravels. Thawne was up to the same tricks and was ready to kill to get himself back to the future. What this episode did was finally give Reverse-Flash motivation. We learned what drove him. We learned how the desire to be like The Flash was shattered. We finally learned what drove him.

The Flash - "The Reverse Flash Return"Cisco and Harry as I’ve mentioned have an interesting relationship. This week they were trying to help figure out what Cisco needed to vibe. Since his vibe wasn’t quite consistent Harry figured out what triggered him. Turns out it was good old adrenaline. Sure, Harry induced the adrenaline by terrifying Cisco. It worked as he was able to vibe and spot Thawne. This lead to more tinkering and Harry created Cisco’s vibe shades. They heightened his adrenaline so he could control how long he vibed which gave him a clearer look at what was happening. Now that Cisco has something that will allow for him to control he’s one step closer to becoming a hero himself. I also loved how distraught Harry was over Cisco being in trouble.

All of this mess with Thawne was changing the future. It was causing Cisco to seize. It brought him close to death then he half disappeared. All of it was killing Cisco. The only way that they could stop what was happening was to send Reverse-Flash back to his proper time. Tht meant he had to actually help his enemy in order to save his friend.

Caitlin is determined to help Jay. Now that we know he’s sick, Caitlin isn’t willing to lose him again. All of her focus is on helping him. Her idea is to find Jay’s doppelganger to replace his diseased cells with the healthy Jay’s cells. Slowly what they came to find was that they could find a Jay Garrick on this Earth. Turns out he had a different name and Jay had already found him. The real problem was that Jay mutated when he became a speedster thus using his doppelganger’s cells would do him no good.

The Flash - "The Reverse Flash Return"Patty may have ended it with Barry, but she was kind of thinking it would still be kind of friendly. Barry wants nothing of it. He’s checked out of it. Barry may wish things were still good, but he is just too nice. He realizes that Patty wants to be CSI and this is her shot. Sure, he’s not happy with how she just jumped on it. He’s also not trying to make things harder for himself. Barry’s behavior only set Patty off on more investigation. After so many clues being in front of her face, Patty finally figured out that Barry is the Flash. When she confronted him, he just denied it. I do like she forced the truth out of him before she left.

What did you think of the episode?

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