Arrow – “A.W.O.L.” Review

Felicity wants to be called Hot Wheels. I like it, but Oliver shot it down. Obviously she’s a bit down because of her condition, but she’s not feeling quite ready to be part of the team again, even after Oliver’s assurances that it’s her mind that helps them. It’s probably a good thing that Felicity took a break because she’s having hallucinations. Hallucinations of her goth former self to be specific. Those hallucinations were crippling her and even when she stepped out of her comfort zone and actually did what she used to she failed. Let’s be honest Felicity’s shadow of her former self negging and berating and tormenting her was tough to bear. Eventually, Felicity was able to snap out of it it was good seeing a bit more of the Felicity we know. Felicity officially has a codename now. Overwatch. They even added a nice nod to the fact that Oliver would have gone with Oracle, but it was taken.

At the end of one of their dates, Lyla and Diggle were spotted and found by Alan one of Lyla’s former ARGUS contacts. He was scared of someone hunting him and only trusted her since she was no longer in ARGUS. That was moments before he was captured right in front of them. Diggle tried to chase the van down, but they took Alan. When he finally turned up he was dead, nails pulled, and eye taken. Since Alan was part of ARGUS it made sense that they went to Amanda Waller for answers. While Waller couldn’t say anything she did give them necessary information to get them on the right track. It was quickly clear there were some others who were in danger.

This all led to an organization called Shadowspire. A group that Andy Diggle happened to be a part of. He was out of that group since he was no longer enlisted. The organization was bad news. However, while they were making it seem like they wanted some highly powerful electronic rail gun, they were after something else. It was exactly like Andy suggested. It turned out that Shadowspire was after ARGUS. That left the Diggle brothers in the holding facility as Shadowspire held Lyla, Amanda, and the rest of the ARGUS team in the facility held at gunpoint. Andy was the one who wanted to help, making it clear that Lyla was in too much danger to wait for help from Oliver. Then Shadowspire shot Amanda Waller leaving Lyla in charge and the one in the most danger. It was actually nice to see the two of them working together. Andy’s never going to be a good guy, but I could definitely see him skirting the gray and helping at times. Andy was even taken out of his cell and got to meet Sarah.

You may have noticed that I never talk about the flash backs any more. That’s because largely, I’m just not interested. They are telling their own story and it’s not nearly as compelling. They aren’t tying back to the episode at hand at much. This week was different as we took a break from Oliver’s time on the island and checked in with The Diggle brothers while they were in Afghanistan. It was nice getting a chance to actually see the brothers interacting with each other.

What did you think of the episode?

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