Legends of Tomorrow – “Pilot, Part 2” Review

The group went into a bidding war Vandal Savage was for a nuclear warhead. A bidding war that happened to include Damien Darhk. Heck, Darhk was about to purchase the war head until Heatwave placed a bid under Stein’s order. They were trying to get close to Savage. They managed it, but also managed a shooting war in the middle of the facility. It was a bad set up for there to be so much fire, but the fight worked. It was large and sprawling with a lot of drawing focus to different people of the team.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Pilot Part 2"The result of all that was Atom losing a bit of his suit. With that bit of future tech left behind in 1975 is causing all sorts of ripples. Gideon was able to show them the effects that were happening to their future. The good thing was that the one change isn’t the end of the world. They can still fix it if they recover it before it can be used.

We also learned that there are problems with interacting with their past selves. This led to Martin Stein encountering his former self to steal the particle tracker. Thus we saw Marty and he was a bit of a prick. He flirted shamelessly with Sara. However it was interesting to see Stein deal with disliking his former self. It took an intervention from Jax for Stein to finally let up on things.

The group is struggling to work together. There are a lot of trust issues going on and reasonably so. Not only do they not trust each other, but they also have very different motivations. This came to a head most obviously with Ray and Snart. They are both working together, they both have particular skills, but they each have their set of morals. When Snart wanted to make a detour for a bit of theft, Ray stepped in forcing them to hash things out a bit.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Pilot Part 2"All this time Kendra and Carter were off on their own trying to find the inscription on the blade. When it was finally revealed that it was a love poem for Shi’ara that things final held weight. it was the blad that could hurt Savage. However, it didn’t kill him when Carter drove it into Savage. Instead, Savage turned it on Carter and killed him, revealing that it had to be wielded by Kendra for it to have any effect. After all of Kendra’s proclamations hat she didn’t want to be forced to love Carter, it became clear that she had formed a liking for him.

It is Carter’s death that is finally uniting the team.

What did you think of the episode?

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