The 100 – “Wanheda Part 2” Review

For a long time I’ve been saying that I really like Monty. He’s one of my favorite characters on the show, but he’s never had a lot of screen time. So I’m glad that we are finally getting more of Monty. That is done by the introduction of Monty’s mother along with the other sky people who landed but were separated from those they saw. These other sky people have had their encounters with the grounders and pride themselves in all being grounder killers. It made it an awkward situation since they were with Indra and the sky people we’ve been following have become allies with grounders. The other group managed to save 63 people, but it is much less than when they originally landed. They’d already had encounters with the Ice Nation. When the story of how Monty’s father died at the hands of Ice Nation, it became clear that this other group of sky people have no desire to see the differences between the grounder tribes. To them they are all enemies.

The 100- "Wanheda part 2"The red of Clarke’s hair washed right out. Turns out it was probably just blood soaked hair, but that is the most pristine blood soaked hair I’d ever seen. I’m glad the wig is gone and she’s off being her normal fiesty self. Captured by the Ice Nation man who wants nothing to do with his own people, it’s not entirely clear what he wants in the beginning. What is clear is that Clarke isn’t willing to make her capture easy and does all she can to not only free herself, but also get rid of him permanently. The later reveal that he was actually Prince Roan of the Ice Nation says something interesting about him and the nation he comes from.

A tough situation arose this time when one of our long time Grounder friends was attacked by the Ice Nation. He was left close to eath and his bloody type was not a match for anything Abby had in stock. The only thing that could save him was taking him to Mount Weather to use their facility. it was a tough decision. That very place, the blood that was harvested was from grounders. It’s a set of ethics that’s hard to deal with. In reality if anyone was deserving of that blood it was another grounder. However the place brings back so many bad memories and ill will it would not be worth it. I’m glad they will be moving forward with using the Mount Weather base. I doubt it will be easy, but it is something that all of them could use.

John is still going on the journey with Jaha. He’s extremely skeptical of what is going on and is more interested in why Emori is going along with Jaha than anything. It is quickly clear that she’s in it for the money. They steal tech. Turned out it was essential the heart of Alie.

In an attempt to get Clarke back, after being told to wait, Bellamy pulled a move that is very him and went after her. Disguising himself as one of the Ice Nation he went straight after where he thought Clarke had been taken. He found her. He nearly broke her free when he was attacked from behind. In that moment they shared, I loved that there was this instant connection. She had so much concern when he was in danger. When he lost her again it almost broke him. It is a connection so pure that it hurt to see it from Bellamy’s perspective and I can only imagine how Clarke feels now that she knows he wishes to save her.

The 100- "Wanheda part 2"It was a great reveal when we saw who wanted Clarke brought in. It was Lexa. She feared the ice Nation, but if there is one person that Clarke is not going to trust, it’s Lexa. It was also interesting to see Lexa was holing up in a high rise.

What did you think of the episode?

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