Supergirl – “Bizarro” Review

Imposter. False. Perverted. Bizarro. The big difference with this version of Bizarro Supergirl is that she looks exactly like her rather than the distorted doppelgangers we get in the comics. So much so that the news are mixing her up. The real problem is that this Bizarro girl is truly a Bizarro version. She isn’t quite all there. That’s where Lord comes into the picture. He was abducting comatose girls so he could create a Supergirl doppelganger. It’s a very strange thing that he’s done, but the desire to kill Supergirl is what makes it perverse. He’s sending this girl who is damaged, warping her mind, and forcing her to act. I was glad that once using kryptonite on Bizarro it actually gave us the look of the Bizarro Supergirl from the comics. She warped and degraded, but grew stronger. This Bizarro was truly saddening, but eventually she was allowed some peace.

Supergirl - "Bizarro"The real dangerous thing about the entire situation was Lord knows that Kara is Supergirl. That knowledge gave Lord the advantage. Sure, Kara wizened up pretty quick that the way Bizarro was acting indicated that he knew, but the fact that he had that knowledge t all was the real issue. Not only did he threaten to reveal Kara’s identity to the public, but he used the knowledge for Bizarro. That allowed Bizarro to go after Kara when she was on her date with Adam. It gave Bizarro the necessary knowledge to know that James was her friend and abduct him.

All while this is going on Cat is being extremely nice to Kara. Kara assumes that it’s because she is dating Adam. Cat is trying to seem good for Adam. We got to see them briefly on two dates and it was really clear that they did have chemistry, even if the timing wasn’t right. Before anything even started, Kara ended it because she was afraid of dragging him into things. Ultimately she lost him and the new bond she was forming with Cat because in the process Cat lost her son again. The more that goes on the less I think that Kara is getting a handle on balancing her personal life with being Supergirl.

Supergirl - "Bizarro"It was weird seeing Kara going to Grant and Winn about Adam. She truly sees them as friends. The tension was very palpable. It made it even more weird when the two guys went and bonded over it. We knew for certain that Winn loved her. It had been hinted, but not determined that James liked Kara. It wasn’t until Winn called him on it that James seemed to start embracing what he feels for Kara. James tried to be there for Kara when she was down, but Kara wasn’t having it and lashed out instead.

What did you think of the episode?

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