Agent Carter – “Smoke and Mirrors” Review

The Peggy and Jarvis team is kind of fantastic. The pair of them bring about a new level of ridiculous in what they do. Jarvis is extremely eager to help out and it’s exciting to see them off doing what they think is the next best move. However, it is Jarvis’s eager nature

The chemistry between Jason and Peggy is almost too much to handle. It’s tough seeing them together, but not be able to be together. That tension between them is actually palpable.

agentcarters02e04x02Madam Masque aka Whitney Frost is trying her best to experiment with her new powers. Shes taken to dabbling with mice to get control of it. While I’m glad that she isn’t just reappearing with full control of her abilities, she is getting a better understanding. The problem for her seems to be that as she uses her power more, the mark on her head becomes more visible.

What is strange was the number of flash backs we saw as they jumped from Peggy to Whitney. That said it filled in quite a bit of Peggy’s past. Each time we jumped we learned about a different section of her life. What was really jarring and different from what we know of Peggy was that she was weary and uncertain about becoming a field agent. Her brother knew better that it was exactly what Peggy would want. Thus he didn’t approve when her fiance just talked about a boring life. He knew that Peggy didn’t want to be a bore. Peggy was in full denial ready to marry a man who liked the boredom, until news of her brother’s death came the day of her wedding and she finally took the position. Where as Whitney was dealing with a mother who was settled into her ways and only wished to make her daughter realize it. On the other hand, Whitney was a girl who wasn’t going to settle for the hand life dealt. She wasn’t out to appease people. Whitney wanted to be a scientist. She wanted to be more than her mother. In many ways, this section made me like Whitney even more. The more we saw of each of them the more clear that the two women are so similar yet so different.

agentcarters02e04x01Peggy in the field now is completely different. That juxtaposition was best shown when she was delivered the news about becoming an agent with her actually manipulating a hostage. Peggy is not ruthless, but she is not afraid of actually playing things to her advantage. The fact that she told her hostage that she gave him malaria, but only really gave him an intense cold was rather amusing. It is her tactics that do end up working perfectly to get the information that he needs.

However that information was questioned by Masters as he poked his nose around. It isn’t surprising that Peggy quickly figured out that things just weren’t right.

What did you think of the episode?

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