The Flash – “Fast Lane” Review

The West family are really starting to bond. It was nice seeing things going well. We even learned that Wally once wanted to be an astronaut. Not because he wanted to go to space, but because it was the fastest a human could go. That’s where the seed was planted that Wally just wants to go fast. However, it also offered the perfect segue for Iris to confront Wally about his continued drag racing. A confrontation that prompted him to quickly leave and Joe to be upset about chasing Wally out of the house even though he agreed with her sentiment. Joe was more concerned with just making sure that Wally was around. Iris took it a step further and showed up at one of Wally’s races in clothes that seemed to scar Wally knowing it was his sister wearing them.

The Flash - "Fast Lane"Iris wasn’t willing to just continue to sit back as Joe built Wally’s trust. She got herself in deep. She wrote an expose and went to the man in charge of the drag races. Not only did she threaten to run it, but she also recorded their conversation where he threatened her. This path of action only led Wally to confront her concerned for her safety. He realized how much of a mess she was getting herself in. While he didn’t exactly give her a reason out. He did let her know that he wouldn’t be able to protect her again. Eventually it all lead to Joe no longer trying to be a friend, but a father. The one thing that did bother me was that Iris was in the hospital. Barry couldn’t save her and he wasn’t by her side. He was there feeling guilty

The Flash - "Fast Lane"Now that Patty is out of the picture, Barry has more time on his hands and he’s around Star Labs more often. In part he wants to help Harry a bit more with the research they are doing to try to help stop Zoom. The fact that Barry can speed read through facts makes it so he can be of help. However, Harry doesn’t want barry around. it’s not because he can’t be of help, but because he is interfering in what Harry needs to do to help his daughter. Despite being brushed aside a number of times, he was still there trying to help out. It was Harry’s deal with Zoom that is sending the team into a tailspin. They know something is wrong and can’t figure it out. The more that Barry talked about his guilt of being too slow, the worse Harry felt until he confessed just in time for Joe to hear it as well. The outrage from Joe and Barry was palpable, knowing that Iris’s injury was his fault. Joe lashed out to the point of locking up Harry, who didn’t resist. Heck Harry even went so far as to telling them how to keep Zoom out at the expense of his daughter. Barry wasn’t going to let that happen. He knew how someone could make bad decisions for family and wasn’t going to not help him.

On the actual job, Barry ran into a meta human that was died from strange burns. It seemed someone was capable of lava like abilities. It was really a minor meta for them to deal with. He posed an interesting low level threat, but allowed for Barry to solve the problem in another interesting way. This time involved dousing the meta with water to neutralize him. This meta isn’t one that will be remembered in time.

The Flash - "Fast Lane"Slowly everything started to tie together. The man associated with the meta happened to be a former jail bunk mate of the man running the drag races. This allowed two birds to be taken out with one stone. However at the race as Wally raced, the ground warped causing him to lose control. Barry just barely made it in time to pull Wally from the car. Then the drag race leader from the path of the careening car. However it was his decreased speed that had been noted a could of times in the episode that kept Barry from getting to Iris in time. She didn’t die, but it was bad enough she needed to go to the hospital.

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What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “The Flash – “Fast Lane” Review

  1. Hi there. Great blog you’ve got going here :). Personally I thought the episode wasn’t exactly anything too special – when the villain gets taken out as nonchalantly as Tar Pit, there’s already a bit of a problem. Not to mention he had a classic, textbook origin story of the other metahumans in season 1 – not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we’ve seen it before, and seen it done better. Him being taken out so anticlimactically didn’t help.

    For me, the centrepiece of the episode would definitely have to be Wells’ conflict with himself – even though he’s an asshat and willing to do whatever it takes to save his daughter, you really get a sense that he’s feeling a genuine connection to Team Flash. Though I have to say, Joe’s striking him was a low point for me. It makes me wonder if he’d have struck him if Harry wasn’t dead to everyone on Earth-1?

    Overall though, I feel that the episode was pretty bland, nothing exceedingly special apart from Wells’ conflict. At least the next 2 episodes are definitely going to pick up – can’t wait for Killer Frost and Deathstorm!

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