Legends of Tomorrow – “Blood Ties” Review

This team is a cobbled together group. They are not a team. They don’t yet know how to work together. They are each working with their own motivations and desires and that is reiterated every week. Hopefully this is the last time it’s pounded into us.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Blood Ties"Kendra’s life is in danger due to her fight with Savage. Fragments of the dagger are on the way to her heart and they need to get them out. This all just led to more conflict between Stein and Ray. Stein still refuses to believe that Ray was actually once of his students. This results mainly in bickering between the two until they take Ray’s idea. In an idea straight out of The Magic School Bus, Ray shrunk himself down and went into Kendra’s bloodstream to destroy the shards. However he only destroyed one before debris sent him ricocheting and destabilized him. That failure again rattled Ray. I don’t quite love this interpretation of Ray as much as I did when he was on Arrow. The Ray from Arrow was confident and eager. he wanted to take risks and do what is right. Sure, his time miniaturized instilled some doubts, but he doesn’t seem like the same person at all. He’s crippled by fear and easily discouraged now. Turns out Stein was a just being a dick to Ray the whole time because he had remembered Ray as the only student that made him in some way feel inferior

Sara went off with Rip to a bank to get some necessary information. Despite, not doing anything to raise attention, Sara quickly realized that they had been made. Sara yet again proved that she fights like a beast. however, this only chills her because she has trouble at times controlling the bloodlust. Savage made his reappearance dealing with his ritual to increase his life with Carter’s blood. It was a bizarre ritual, but apparently Savage was not the only one who benefited. Those loyal to him could also be blessed with extended lives.

Jax is a mechanic. He is not a 22nd century mechanic. Still, he was sent to help out with making repairs to the ship. Captain Cold and Heatwave were getting antsy sitting around doing nothing. So they convinced Jax to take the dropship and be their getaway driver for an emerald heist. It wasn’t until the heist was over that Captain Cold made it clear that he wasn’t doing it just for the money, but for his father so he wouldn’t go to jail. He hoped that would make his father a better man, apparently he never beat his kids until after he went to jail. Let’s not forget though that his father was a nasty piece of work.

What did you think of the episode?

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