The 100 – “Ye Who Enter Here” Review

Lexa wants Sky Crew to be the 13th clan. That’s the entire reason Lexa had Clarke hunted down and brought to her. Lexa knows she is seen as weaker than Clarke, so having Clarke and her people bow to her is the leverage she needs not only to maintain her position, but to rally the army. Lexa sees this as a chance to threaten the Ice Nation. Lexa’s counsel doesn’t see keeping Clarke alive and bowing as granting Lexa strength. To him only Clarke’s death will do that.

The 100 - "Ye Who Enter Here"Clarke wants none of Lexa’s shit. Lexa pulled a dick move and Clarke only sees betrayal and what Lexa’s decision forced her to do. This made her fester with anger. It also let Roan make a proposition. Both are hostages and slaves of Lexa for the time and neither want any part of it. Roan encouraged her and even set everything up so she could kill Lexa. However, when the time came to it, Clarke couldn’t kill Lexa. Instead she ended up realizing that becoming the 13th clan was their best option.

The other sky people have moved in to Mount Weather. It is no good and a bad look for them to be just doing this without having discussed things properly with the grounders. The goal was mainly to scout for medical supplies. Pike could care less because he sees opportunity. Thus when a grounder comes to him, he can barely keep his composure. He doesn’t trust the grounders no matter how many times he’s been told that they have either saved or helped the sky people.

The 100 - "Ye Who Enter Here"Kane is thrilled being in the new area. He speaks with the grounders. He talks to them like one of them. He embraces them. He has dove head first into this. The Commander has set up a thriving city with trade and people and it’s wonderful to see. It wasn’t surprising that Abby tried to pass off command to Kane. He knows these people better, has dedicated his time to understanding them. However the Summit is something that could bring the tribes together and stop potential fighting with Ice Nation. Thus when it came time to initiate Sky Crew into the group Kane was to take the honor.

The Summit was a big old disaster. They made a move on the sky people who had moved into Mount Weather. The attack completely destroyed Mount Weather killing everyone inside, only Raven and St. Clair escaped. I was rather surprised that Lexa swore fealty to Clarke. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that an all out war has begun.

What did you think of the episode?

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