Supergirl – “For The Girl Who Has Everything” Review

The creature that attacked Kara was hugging her tightly and keeping her knocked out. That meant there wasn’t much for Kara to do. Since she was incapacitated someone had to help maintain her cover. That meant J’on went undercover as Kara again. Quickly he realized that Kara’s life isn’t quite so easy, mainly because of Cat Grant. However, this also gave J’on the opportunity to understand exactly why James and Winn were so important to her.

Supergirl - "For The Girl Who Has Everything"Meanwhile she’s in the middle of a dreamstate. In this dream she’s imagining she’s on Krypton. There she was in a state of panic. She was not content being in this dream Krypton. She knew something was up and couldn’t rest at all. However, the more and more of her old world that she saw the more she began to settle into what she lost. There were so many hints of her childhood. Even though she knew things weren’t right slowly she started to forget. She became content and as that happened she lost herself in this world.

Turned out that Non was behind the attack. Despite Astra declaring that Kara wasn’t to be hurt, Non figured sending Kara into a peacelike state was within the terms. This plant attached so tightly that initial attempts to remove it were causing Kara to code. Astra refused to accept that and went to Alex to help. This forced the two women to work together despite being on opposing sides. However, Astra brought and understanding element as she questioned if Alex is Kara’s sister and she is Kara’s Aunt then what are Alex and Astra. It was clear that they were the two bits of family that loved Kara the most. Other than that, they are nothing.

A plan was hatched, but the tech required was beyond what the DEO team could do on short notice. Thus they had to recruit Maxwell Lord if they were going to get things done quickly. Of course he was resistant, however the news that the Kryptonians that attacked his lab were planning a new attack. He decided to comply. The real kicker was that Alex had to get plugged in and refused to come out of it if she couldn’t get Kara out no matter what Henshaw required.

Supergirl - "For The Girl Who Has Everything"When Kara finally was freed from her shackles of the black mercy plant she was enraged. She went straight for Non. Kara was not backing down. However when righting aliens it was necessary that J’on stepped in to help. J’On got beat up pretty bad and Astra nearly killed him, but Alex wasn’t going to let that happen. Alex killed Astra with a kryptonite covered blade. It sliced right through Astra. It was a pain that Kara had to deal with because despite the trouble associated with Astra, she loved her Aunt like the true family she was. In this all J’on covered for Alex so there would be no angst between the sisters, but it will eventually have to come out.

Also it’s interesting to note that James and Winn officially know about the DEO and what Kara is also involved with. They were brought there to be an anchor and help Kara reaclimate, but it also sucks them deeper into everything.

What did you think of the episode?

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