Agent Carter – “The Atomic Bomb” Review

Whitney Frost is ready to steal one of her husband’s company’s bombs in order for her to get access to more Zero Matter. Whitney would do anything to get herself into a position where she was able to get more power. The fact that it allowed her to flex her scientific mind a bit was only another plus for her. The problem was that Whitney needed to get her hands on the bombs first.

Agent Carter - "The Atomic Job"Thankfully, Peggy and the group were on it. Mainly it was because Jason accidentally learned that he became more solid when he absorbed zero matter. He was also connected to anything related to zero matter. That included Whitney, where he learned what she was up to. That sent Peggy on the same mission that Whitney was, to get to the bombs first.

The had to get a team together to get the bomb safely. The result was a ragtag team. Not just Peggy and Jarvis with Sousa tagging along. No, Rose came as well and when they tried to get the tech from the scientist, we got him too. It was a tense mission as Sousa and Jarvis were constantly waiting for things to blow up in their faces. Thankfully, they took each obstacle with stride, but they were trailing Whitney Frost. It gave everyone a change to shine and use their unique skills. In the case of the scientist it was using his gadgets to help everyone. With Rose it was being a damn good actress and an efficient fighter.

This led to a confrontation between Peggy and Whitney. Peggy was there to not only head Whitney off, but to stall her. The problem is that Whitney had a power while Peggy only had skill. It was clear now why just going after with someone with powers isn’t the norm. Peggy ended up staying out of Whitney’s grasp mainly because Whitney hasn’t developed her skill. Rather than let Whitney use her power on her, Peggy let go of the pole that kept her suspended in the air and was impaled by rebar. It looked painful enough seeing that she had landed on concrete blocks. The slower revel that she was seriously injured was a drawback.

Agent Carter - "The Atomic Job"The injury was not instance death, but it left her in a lot of pain. They brought her to Sousa’s fiancee. It was bad news, but Peggy was taken care of well enough that she would survive. Sousa’s fiancee realized that there was something between Sousa and Peggy. She picked it up quickly due to the little gestures he made.

What did you think of the episode?

3 thoughts on “Agent Carter – “The Atomic Bomb” Review

  1. The moment with Sousa having that tender talk with Peggy and Violet essentially and correctly calling him out on his feelings for Peggy felt very TV typical, and I don’t like that because Agent Carter typically is smarter about avoiding such easy drama. My hope is that the show doesn’t do something like kill off Violet or make her unlikable just to push Sousa and Peggy together.

    • It is very typical. However, I would have been more frustrated if Violet didn’t realize it. While there’s a lot of tension between Sousa and Peggy, I’m not entirely sold that they are going to end up together even for a brief time. They seem very much a the one who got away/never the right time pairing.

      • “I’m not entirely sold that they are going to end up together even for a brief time.” Exactly, which is why I’m not a fan of the show stringing us along like this. Like Jessica Jones, I don’t think Peggy necessarily needs to have a partner since she works just as well on her own. It’s not super cliche, but it is convenient that Violet is a nurse just when Peggy didn’t want to go to a hospital.

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