The Flash – “Welcome to Earth-2” Review

The plan to travel to Earth-2 is still on. Barry had a last meal with the Wests as the small group prepared to go to Earth-2. There was a bit of worry and concern in regard to the jump. Barry, Cisco, and Wells made the jump over to the other earth. The Problem seemed to occur after the jump when the breach was destabilized. He wasn’t able.

The Flash - "Welcome to Earth-2"Henry Hewitt made a return, but here on Earth-2 he was just a nice scientists not a maniacal bad guy. Neither is Floyd Lawton. Heck He’s Iris’s partner.

Earth-2 Barry is still CSI, but he wears a bowtie. Bowties are cool. This Barry is totally out of his element. He’s eager and nerdy, more importantly an opportunity for Barry to infiltrate all that is going on. Everything is different though. Barry and Iris are married. His mother is still alive and Barry even gave his parents tickets so they could go to Atlantis. Things between Barry and Joe are not so great as this Joe hates Barry for having Iris out in the field.

Cisco is slightly out of commission because the glasses he uses need to resonate at a different frequency. Pretty much he can’t use his ability with any control at the moment. He needs to get the right frequency to control things properly.

The Flash - "Welcome to Earth-2"Earth-2 also brought about the appearance of Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost. Still alive in this universe is Ronnie Raymond. Together they are fire and ice. Killer Frost is only able to kiss Ronnie. More importantly they are villains. They apparently love hunting own breachers for Zoom. The pair of them were out to kill Barry.

Barry got himself mixed up in everything and the result was feeling confused as this alternate Joe, who didn’t even like him, needed help. However, spending time helping the people from Earth-2 means that he’s taking time from helping Jessie which was the entire reason he went there. It’s selfish and a little frustrating. After it all, Joe still died.

The Flash - "Welcome to Earth-2"All of it led to a fight against Killer Frost and Deathstorm. When they arrived it became clear that they worked for someone else. it happened to be Cisco’s doppelganger who went by Reverb, while Cisco proudly proclaimed himself as Vibe. What was even more clear was that this Cisco showed just how powerful he could potentially be. Not just seeing things, but actually using vibrations. Even Reverb couldn’t stand up to Zoom. While Reverb and Deathstorm attacked Barry, Zoom killed Deathstorm with ease. Same for Reverb. Only Killer Frost was spared.

All the while things went a bit wonky in Central City. Tremors went about just wrecking the city. However what is more important was that They needed a Flash. The Only one who could do that was Jay stepping in. The option was using velocity-6. However we finally learned that it was Jay’s heavy use of velocity-6 to increase his speed that made him sick. That’s where Caitlin stepped in and she tried to create a new velocity-7. It just wore out a little faster.

Also need to note that as the group were making the jump so they could go between Earth’s there was a glimpse of Supergirl from CBS.

What did you think of the episode?

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