Arrow – “Sins of the Father” Review

Nyssa is still trying to claim that Oliver is her husband. At least she’s trying to get Oliver to do what she wants by drawing him in and using Thea as leverage. Oliver isn’t quite keen on killing Malcolm though. Despite listing off all the terrible things that Malcolm has done, Oliver knows that just getting rid of Thea’s family isn’t a properly viable response. It’s cruel and he has to take her into account. Thus, he came up with another idea. Negotiation. Oliver wanted to convince Malcolm to give up power of the League to Nyssa, but Malcolm isn’t so foolish to think that is an option Nyssa will follow through.

Arrow - "Sins of the Father"Really it was Laurel he was able to talk some sense into Nyssa. Laurel doesn’t want Thea to be punished for Malcolm not being killed. That brought about just enough of the cure to allow for Thea to be okay for a period of time, but by no means was the full dose necessary to cure her. However this is a battle between two people who are extremely hard headed. Neither side is willing to back down. Neither is willing to give up their leverage. Both want the league and things are going to get a bit nutty. So Oliver decides to convince them to go for a trial by combat.

Then Oliver pulled the husband card and squared off against Malcolm on Nyssa’s behalf. Turns out Oliver much rather wanted Nyssa to be in power than Oliver. Their fight was methodical, but he won the ring for Nyssa. He did that by cutting off Malcolm’s hand. Now she has control of the league and Malcolm is nothing, but alive. That just spells one big problem. Malcolm is not going to be happy now that hes lost all power. There won’t even be a league for Malcolm to go after in his rage because Nyssa disbanded it. Malcolm’s rage is almost terrifying. The fact that he turned over the information that Oliver loves his son more than anything is bad news for Oliver. It also means we may see Oliver in Central City again.

Arrow - "Sins of the Father"Felicity’s father didn’t bother to hide the truth from Felicity very long. He quickly revealed that he knew she was Overwatch. That dove right into her father trying to prove that he’s not doing what he was for bad reasons. Heck, he even tried to give her a gift. It’s interesting to see the struggle that Felicity had. Felicity’s mom is not having the idea that Noah is popping up in her daughter’s life again. She’s pissed. She knows the kind of man that he is and doesn’t want to give him any credit because she knows better after all the times that he left her high and dry. She wants Felicity to have nothing to do with him. It was Felicity who made the final decision.

What did you think of the episode?

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