Legends of Tomorrow – “White Knights” Review

The first major move the characters made was breaking into the Pentagon for some files. For the most part it went well. At least until everything went awry. Jax ignored Stein’s advice and the alarm ended up going off, throwing an alert to the guards as Sara and Kendra were approaching. Then Kendra straight up lost it clawing a man’s face off. I’m not sure what the sudden shift was about, but she was clearly extremely dangerous.

Legends of Tomorrow - "White Knights"There was a cool gadget that they got now that they are in the USSR, ingestible translators. It allows them to speak and understand any language with a little bit of programming. It was rather interesting, but let’s not pretend that it was convenient. At least they addressed that they would encounter different languages.

Sara was charged with helping Kendra learn how to control her rage. Sara doesn’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t think it’s a good idea either considering Sara barely has control. And when I say barely has control, I mean she has control when there are others around her to remind her that she’s accountable. I was proven right. While Kendra was able to snap herself out of the trance rather quickly, Sara nearly killed Kendra when her fight or flight instincts kicked in. Turns out Rip was hoping that they would learn from each other.

There was also another Stein storyline in which Stein was constantly telling Jax to be careful. Jax was tiered of always being cautious. Repeatedly we saw them arguing with each other about what to do. It wasn’t until Jax was seriously injured that the two really went at it. Stein is worried about losing Jax. He can’t bear losing another half again. The way he shows it and tries to coax Jax into doing things his way is by angering him.

Legends of Tomorrow - "White Knights"After thinking that Kronos was after them because of an anomaly, he went to check it out. Instead of Kronos was his advisor. He was then offered a deal. People would be spared and Rip would be okay. Mick, Heatwave, pegged it right. They only wanted to kill Rip and his friends. Messing with the timeline like that was something they could not abide.

What did you think of the episode?

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