The 100 – “Watch the Throne” Review

The Ice Nation is causing all sorts of problems for the people that stand against them. They are sowing discord among the Sky People, the grounders, and anyone they are in contact with. In particular, there is a lot of unrest between the different sky people just as much as there is among the grounders. No one trusts anyone and that is making this entire situation more and more difficult.

The 100 - "Watch the Throne"At Lexa’s holding the tribes are rebelling against her. To the point that they are challenging her and trying to rule her incompetent. Like any proper nation this brings about a proper trial by combat situation. While the person leading this rebellion calls upon her son to fight for her, Roan. Lexa refuses to let anyone else fight for her. The fight was dramatic and interesting. Lexa fought fiercely. She nearly went down, but she was strong even against Roan. The real question was how much of that was a show because when Roan was primed to be killed, Lexa instead went for the Queen. With a spear through the chest she took them out.

The 100 - "Watch the Throne"There is still so much conflict from the other group of sky people becoming integrated with those that we already know. Any grounders are treated with suspicion and uncertainty. So the fact that Indra’s forces were sent to defend Arcadia. Instead Pike stirs people into a frenzy. He’s so blinded by rage that he refuses to see the other side. After the attack of Mount Weather by the Ice Nation, he has more power to drive people to do what he wishes. He is a tyrant ruled by the idea of what has forsaken him and refuses to account for the exact opposite experiences his own people have had. he would rather see the sky people die fighting for themselves alone than take the assistance of grounders who have proven themselves friendly. Lincoln who has lived with these people for months now, Has nearly died for them, is now being attacked because he was born a grounder. What really frustrated me was that Pike sunk his teeth into Bellamy. he did exactly what Pike wanted and allowed for the resisting sky people to take up arms to march against the grounders. Lincoln however put up a barrier that was enough to stall things.

With Pike now in charge things are going to fall apart and skaikru will be first on the chopping block. Pike wants war and now he can make it for himself.

What did you think of the episode?

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