Deadpool Review


Release Date: February 2nd, 2016
Dir. Tim Miller
Starring: Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool/ Wade Wilson), Ed Skrein (Ajax), Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), T.J. Miller (Weasel), Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), Stefan Kapicic (Colossus), Gina Carano (Angel Dust), Leslie Uggams (Blind Al), Karan Soni (Dopinder)

Initial Thoughts

DeadpoolI was thrilled back when the “leaked” Deadpool footage caused a frenzy on the internet enough so that Fox thought it was worthy to plow forward and make the Ryan Reynolds movie he had been championing for a while. I was even still excited back when there were rumors that they were going to neuter Deadpool and make it a PG-13 movie for the theatre release of of the movie. That enthusiasm only increased when fans forced Fox’s hand to release the Comic Con trailer and then eventually the proper trailer release a few months after. And I was certainly there when we the Deadpool marketing campaign drove the hype into the stratosphere. So when I sat down in the theatre for Deadpool on Preview Night, I was so ready and Deadpool completely delivered the raunch, anticipation, and excitement that I was hoping for. Deadpool is exactly the movie that I wanted Deadpool to be. It was fun, it broke the fourth wall, and was violent in the best ways.

I’ve got to start by making it very clear that Deadpool was the funniest movie that I’ve seen in a long time. Most movies like to build into throwing jokes at you, but Deadpool is a fourth wall breaking property and it didn’t hesitate. Within moments, Deadpool doled the jokes. Honestly, it kept up with the constant barrage of jokes of different levels. Some were blatant jokes. Others were meta jokes that reached into our relaity and addressed them in the mother. Then there were also jokes that were comic specific. It made for a wide array of jokes and there was something for everyone provided you like this sort of raunchy humor.

DeadpoolDeadpool is not a kids movie. I’m sure you’ve seen the meme. Really, it is not a kids movie. It is violent. It doesn’t hold back language wise. There’s a naked fight. Seriously, this is not a movie that is meant for kids. If you are the kind of person who is wondering if your kid can handle this movie, chances are you should just scrap the idea of taking them to it. However, if you are eager to take your kids then you probably aren’t worried about the insanity this movie can provide.

One of the things Deadpool is most known for is breaking the fourth wall. In case you don’t know what breaking the fourth wall is, it is breaking the illusion that the actions happening on screen are contained. When something breaks the fourth wall, the participants in the production ignore that imaginary fourth wall that contains them and directly addresses the audience. This is Deadpool’s bread and butter. The movie plays this up, but is careful not to go overboard either. There was a fine balance and it was well addressed here never being a bit too much.

DeadpoolLet’s be honest, Deadpool is not a good guy. He isn’t a bad guy either though. Instead, Deadpool walks this strange line of the moral gray that keeps him on the hero side despite his despicable acts. This movie does not shy away from that, but embraces it. Deadpool is both a helper, but he’s also in it for the money. The movie smartly takes the ambiguity out. Deadpool was wronged when he was at his weakest so even when Deadpool is doing some not to great things, you are still on his side. You know that he’s doing what he is for a reason that is greater than greed.

The plot of the movie was simple. There were only two real set pieces we follow in present day, both of which we saw in the movie. I would say that this weak plot and poor character development would not be enough, but the way it spliced his origin story and used it to reveal things in present were well done. Ultimately, it was the structure of the movie that saved it. Deadpool is an origin story. It tells how Wade Wilson became Deadpool. However, that transformation is only part of the story. The other part is Deadpool trying to put that origin behind him so he can move forward. Another movie could have cut things differently, structured the story so that it was linear, but Deadpool did not. It made the simple straight forward more complex. That structure shift made all the difference. It transformed what could have been a dull yet another origin story and made it into something that was more about revenge and personality.

DeadpoolThe weak point of the movie is actually the side characters. There are a number of side characters and people that Deadpool interacts with. The problem is that they are merely props for either the plot progression or for Deadpool to play off of. The result is that Deadpool feels like a fully fleshed out character. You understand his motives and his personality. All of the side characters, however, are empty shells. Even his romantic interest isn’t that deeply fleshed out, which is why I never really cared about her when she was in danger. It’s why Weasel, felt like a shallow buddy (Heck, I felt more of a connection to Dopinder). While the addition of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead added a connection to other mutants and provided a number of their own laughs with their unique personalities, they too were mere pieces surrounding Deadpool. The villains fall to this as well. They are wonderfully played as aggressive, but we never get the slightest idea as to why they are that way (we do get a glossed over idea with Ajax). It leaves them feeling hollow. The best villains are ones where you understand them and can at least understand why they might be so horrible or even sympathize with them. The other characters whether ally or foe were never given the time to develop so you could feel for them.

Deadpool is filled with all sorts of in jokes and references so if that’s your thing keep an eye out. Some references are more blatant than others, but all are pretty great. Also make sure to stick around for the post credits scene. It is different than most post credits scenes, but still is worthwhile if you are excited about the Deadpool sequel that was green lit.

Final Thoughts

Ryan Reynolds found his good comic book movie with Deadpool. A large part of that is no doubt a credit to Reynolds himself who shined in the role. The humor within the movie was on point. Raunchy and dangerous Deadpool is a lot of fun if that’s your kind of humor. It was hilarious, meta, and still managed to have a bunch of heart. It’s not a deep movie. It doesn’t have any real message that can be extrapolated about human nature, but damn if this movie isn’t so much fun. It is one of those movies where if you are of the feint of heart you may want to ask, but if not this is one that is sure to atleast provide you two hours of entertainment.

Grade: 8.2

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