Agent Carter – “Life of the Party” Review

Peggy is not at the top of her game. She did after all just get a piece of rebar through her. The great thing is the show didn’t try to push that fact aside and get her right back in the game. Yes, she was back to work, but she was limping and visible injured. She looked tired and ragged from her wound. Heck, characters constantly mentioned it. It also brought back Dottie into the fold as someone Peggy could use while she was not up to the task.

Agent Carter - "Life of the Party"As for bringing Dottie into the fold that involves a bit of negotiation. When the two women are together it’s a battle of wits. They each have each others number. Last season we saw them going against each other. While they certainly aren’t on the same time now, I have to say the prospect of the two women working together was rather intriguing. It allowed for two highly intelligent and capable women doing something together. It was no easy feat as Dottie was constantly in a state of trying to find a way to get out of the deal she struck.

Jarvis was sent in on the mission with Dottie. Together they were to be the action bits while Peggy and Sousa were on the sidelines. In the case of Jarvis, he was rather upset that he wasn’t given a weapon for the event. Jarvis was thrown into the situation and had to occupy Thompson. This gave Dottie the opportunity to confront Whitney Frost. Things got more complicated when Dottie ditched the mic she had on her and went off on her own. Dottie ended up screwing everything up as she was trying to get more information. Then she was caught.

Agent Carter - "Life of the Party"Whitney, however, was thrilled that she was getting the opportunity to speak in front of the council. She saw this as a great opportunity for her. She was anxious and excited. It was interesting to see her so vulnerable for a change. When she showed off what it was she could do, the council saw it as confirmation that she was not to be free. They tried to literally put a noose on her, but she used her power on them. That got them to listen properly.

The real messy bit of the entire thing was that Thompson was given the order to take Peggy down, discredit her and make her no longer a concern.

What did you think of the episode?

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