Agent Carter – “Monsters” Review

Dottie is a captive, but she’s so far from being a cooperative captive. She is tough. She was trained for things like this. So her description of all the modes of torture that she’s been through at her own hand really helped establish how dangerous she is. Being at the hand of Whitney is a completely different matter. She uses her power on Dottie to bring pain and get the answers that Whitney wanted. It worked.

Agent Carter - "Monsters"Dr. Wilkes is fading more frequently. He’s been working with Ana to help get this contraption working to bring him back to the land of the solid. Time is starting to run thin. They need to accomplish this soon and Peggy is distracted with getting Dottie back. Heap on the fact that Jason has eyes and saw the rising tension between Peggy and Sousa and he’s getting irritable. The moment he became solid though he kissed Peggy. While he is solid again, he’s currently forced to stay within the contraption. That is a difficult restriction, but it’s nice that he’s no longer stuck.

Whitney is truly reveling in the fact that she has control. She scared the council and she is in charge. it’s something that Whitney strives for. The ability to control and have things play out in the way she wants. The way she handles the old council is interesting as it is more oppression as she brings Manfretti’s men in as her security.

Whitney is more cunning than she let’s on. She was out to find out more about Jason. Especially since she believed him to be dead. it was a troubling thought. However, capturing Peggy and Jarvis was just a distraction so Whitney could go after Jason. She proved he could get out of the contraption. She tried to make Jason understand they could work together, but that didn’t work out how she hoped. Instead, Whitney had to take Jason by force.

Agent Carter - "Monsters"Ana is sitting around worried. it’s the most screen time that we’ve seen from her. She loves Jarvis so much, but she worries about his safety. She sees that he likes the adventures he goes on with Peggy, but she’s afraid one day he wn’t come back to her. The conversation that he had with Jason. Through all of this it wasn’t Jarvis who was hurt. Instead Ana trying to stand up and do what was right put her in the line of Whitney who shot her.

What did you think of the episode?

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