Arrow – “Code of Silence” Review

Team Arrow is currently spinning desperately trying to figure out why exactly Darhk is making his play. Why would he let his wife run for mayor if he only wanted to destroy the city. In some ways that makes perfect sense. By having her in the office he would be able to more easily collapse and crush Starling City from the inside and outside.

Arrow - "Code of Silence"I’m really surprised that Thea was the one to figure out that Oliver had a son. I mean she is the one person who has been in his life the whole time an was able t piece things together. That said, I was kind of surprised that Thea supported Oliver not saying anything. She wanted William to remain safe. It put Oliver at ease, but that’s not to say his worry was alleviate. While we know that it is good reasoning, the fact that Darhk already knows this information means that it’s going to be frustrating. My only hope at this point is that either Felicity is extremely understanding of this situation or she finds out because the reveal is a nasty shock for her.

Quentin is in the shit. It’s very clear to everyone involved now that Quentin is working with Team Arrow. That means that his life is in danger. Unlike Oliver who gets to hide behind his mask, Quentin is completely exposed for everything that he is. The target now on his life is kind of a big deal. The only real issue is his relationship with Felicity’s mom, Donna. Quentin’s decision to call it off and keep Donna in the dark is jeopardizing his relationship. He just wants some time until this blows over. The problem is that Donna is not having that and breaks it off which breaks Quentin as much as herself. Eventually she was able to forgive him.

Yes, I know that this review is a bit shorter than my other Arrow reviews, but that is largely because of how much time was spent in the flashbacks. I’ll be honest, I tune out of the flashback sections because they simply are not that interesting to me. Add in the fact that it doesn’t tie in to the main story or inform it from episode to episode, I just tune out.

Arrow - "Code of Silence"Can I take a moment to point out how lackluster the right involving the HIVE agents, Speedy, and Black Canary felt. It just felt like they were going through the motions of what a fight should supposedly look like.

Darhk also took William to live with him.

What did you think of the episode?

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