Legends of Tomorrow – “Fail-Safe” Review

Stein was still in the grasp of Savage while in Russia. The idea of a Soviet Firestorm is a threat, but Stein is necessary for it to be possible at all. Everything is hinging on him not breaking. To Stein’s credit he’s a lot tougher than he seems. It does lead to some interesting questions. It’s actually persuasion that starts to get him to waver ever so slightly. Once his resolved is steeled again we see just how capable and determined Stein is to survive.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Fail-Safe"Stein may be separated from Jax, but the link the two have keep them in tune. It is the same kind of connection we saw with Kendra and Carter. Now Jax and stein are the only ones that properly have the connection. Jax was able to use the connection to convey to Stein that they hadn’t given up on him. I like that they are using different methods to showcase their connection.

If the team don’t stop this Soviet Firestorm program things get out of hand then they need to kill him. Sarah gets the weighty nature of having to do the kill. Surprisingly it’s Captain Cold who is raising the red flags. He doesn’t like being used. As much as Snart acts like he’s some big meanie, he has a big heart. When he takes someone in he really means it. This ragtag team is like a new family for him and he’s going to protect it. Sarah on the other hand is an assassin and that is never changing.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Fail-Safe"While all of this is going on Heatwave and Ray are stuck in a Russian prison. For Heatwave that’s something he’s dealt with in the past and he can do it again. Ray was completely out of his element. When he ended up crossing the wrong person and was involved with a prison yard beating, Mick didn’t lift a finger to help. However when the tables were turned to an etent and they were both being beaten in an attempt to break Stein, Ray stepped up to help Mick. He drew attention to himself making his beating worse. It was noble of him. It gave Mick Pause when Snart came to break him out.

There was a nod to the fact that two of the characters were on Prison Break and will be on it again. It wasn’t exactly subtle, but was an extra little laugh for those in the know.

As this show goes on I’m starting to think that the true hearts of the show that have the most interesting things to do come from Snart and Stein. Week after week, they prove to be

The end of this episode had the group rocketing out of the time stream. They crash landed in Starling City 2046. The old Tower that said Palmer Tech now said Smoak. They encountered a version of Arrow. This wasn’t Oliver though. This was a black guy with the Arrow mantle that had no knowledge of Sarah or Ray.

What did you think of the episode?

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