The 100 – “Hakeldama” Review

Within a day of taking command, Pike lead a terrible attack on the grounders. He slaughtered them in their sleep. He spared no one. Not even the injured. The only person he left clinging to life was Indra and only because of Bellamy. Pike is a warlord. He’s out to kill. He’s out to conquer. Anything that stands in his path is as good as dead. he is a dangerous man and he is not a good man. The fact that he sees the world as black and white makes him the kind of character that can’t see compromise. he can’t see anything that might possibly have a different way of life.  Those who are not like him are unequivocally the enemy despite intentions or even positive actions.

The 100 - "Hakeldama"The actions Pike took are causing problems for Clarke. Even Indra skirted away from Clarke’s touch at first. Lexa didn’t hesitate to take Clarke hostage and declare war on Skaikru. A lot of people are going to die unless some sort of negotiations can go on. That’s not going to happen under Pike, but Indra had a direct line to Kane who sent Indra in his stead.

Inside the walls of Arcadia things are becoming more hostile. The few grounders within the walls were injured other than Lincoln. They were too sick, but Pike felt that they were sucking supplies and were to be interned. The fact that Lincoln stood up for the grounders only ended up with him getting locked up to. Octavia was none too thrilled to see Lincoln getting locked up as she returned. There is so much tension between those that don’t agree with

The 100 - "Hakeldama"Jaha made his return to Arcadia after his adventure abroad. He quickly learned that his grounder could not enter. More importantly he saw how cruel inside the walls could be. However it didn’t jar him. His devotion to the city of light has him seeing things different. Jaha’s arrival at Arcadia brought him back into the fold. It was interesting to see that Pike felt threatened by Jaha. However, the more Jaha talked the less intimidated Pike felt. Jaha spent much of his time just trying to preach

Bellamy proceeded to rip out my heart this episode. As of late Bellamy hasn’t felt like the man we’ve come to know. Bellamy in the past was tough, unafraid to war, but guided by a big heart and a desire to protect. It didn’t make total sense why he seemed to act so out of character and uncaring, with only leaks of his old self slipping through. That changed when he had the opportunity to talk to Clarke. He laid it out and it came down to how hurt he was. How tired he was of seeing the people he cared about get hurt. He hated that everything that happened had drove him to this place and now he just wants to do everything in his power to restore a sort of peace in his life. With the path he’s going on he’s going to lose Clarke and Octavia in the process.

The 100 - "Hakeldama"Raven is really struggling with her injury still. It’s only getting worse because she’s aggravating it. Abbie didn’t medically clear her. That means that she’s not going to be going on any runs outside (not that they are currently in any position to do that). She’s not content to just be sitting around. That’s making her upset and angry. Considering all the bigger issues going on, it felt kind of trivial to see Raven bitching about not being able to do all the things, but only the things she’s good at. However, it provided Jaha an opportunity to reach the one person who could sway people to his cause. Evnetually she took the offering from Jaha and was stunned to find that not only had the pain faded, but she could also see Alie.

John is still off with Echo. They are playing tricks on travelers and generally enjoying themselves. Echo wants to go back for her brother, not knowing he was just killed.

What did you think of the episode?

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