Supergirl – “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Review

Kara is upset that her aunt was killed. through this, Alex still hasn’t told Kara the truth. It’s left Kara in a place of regret, remorse, and anger. She’s become bitter and snappy. She’s not holding back her tongue and it’s really interesting. She was brought in on the funeral rights. It was something that really connected her to Astra even more. It also shifted Kara from her usual kind demeanor to one that is crueler. By the end of the episode her anger over what she believed Hank did has made her decide not to work with the DEO for the time.

Supergirl - "Truth, Justice and the American Way"At work, Kara’s disappearance and substitution by Hank has resulted in Cat hiring another assistant. Siobhan Smythe. Already Cat seems to like Siobhan much more as she actually gets her name right and even makes her assistant #1 to Kara’s #2. It is a slight. it doesn’t help that Siobhan is out to take Kara out permenantly. Her smug look when she realized that the reason James would only work with Kara was more so that he could yell at her said it all. Siobhan has her own goals. She wants to be the next Cat Grant. Siobhan is perfectly fine with stomping over Kara if that means it can be a stepping stone to get what she wants. Siobhan is going to be making Kara’s life hell for a little while and that should be interesting.

James knows where Lord is and now that Cat is picking up that he’s missing she wants a proper investigation. This is posing an issue for James who thinks Lord’s treatment is wrong. Despite knowing that he’s tried to kill Kara and will again, and that any attempt at courtroom justice would result in Lord’s release, he still thinks that what the DEO is doing is wrong. It is a great moral ground to sit on. James isn’t going to just sit back and let all of the negatives of the DEO confirm the negatives that Lord validly has.

Supergirl - "Truth, Justice and the American Way"The actual issue they faced as Non kidnapping and killing any and all of a group of prisoners that escaped. He’s going through and picking them off one by one. These were all prisoners sentenced by Allora that escaped the Phantom Zone and landed on Earth. It wasn’t until we met the professor who had settled into his life. He had become a good man and he was going to die. The man behind it was a former guard of the Kryptonian prison. It was that sort of vigilante action of taking the justice system entirely into one’s hand that drove Kara to take a look at what she was doing to Non.

What did you think of the episode?

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