Agent Carter – “A Little Song and Dance” Review

The bizarre dream sequence that Peggy experienced was a little unsettling. At the end of the day it really didn’t tell us anything that we didn’t know. Instead it displayed Peggy’s qualms. Heck it mainly addressed the one thing about Peggy’s character that is least defining, her love interest. The song while it touched on other thins, kept going back to Peggy’s choice and the differences they can have on her. Does she choose Sousa or Jason? That really irritated me. It didn’t help that the section felt rather unnecessary. That said as a random pierce it was a fun little number that incorporated a lot of characters old and new.

Agent Carter - "A Little Song and Dance"Peggy is not pleased. She is not pleased in the slightest. Jarvis got them captured with his actions and only complained. Peggy is pissed and she’s not about to let Jarvis off easy. It’s rare to see Peggy really this angry, but things got so far out of her control that I’m not too surprised by her reaction. She’s pissed and when Jarvis’s griping as they walked, she lashed out at him. Yet, nothing she said was a lie, she just brought it to the light rather than allow for him to continue. She laid it out. Then Jarvis dropped the bombshell that it wasn’t just a simple injury he could move on from. Jarvis and Ana could never have kids and that was the consequence. Something that finally gave Peggy pause to the way she delivered the truth and apologize.

By the time that Peggy made it back to the SSR things were flipped around with Masters reluctantly working with Sousa and Thompson. Peggy didn’t like the idea of working with Masters, but she was painted into a corner. Yet, it was Thompson who did all the fancy talking to get Whitney into the position they needed. Thompson had is own plan though. He intended to set things off in such a way that things could go haywire.

Peggy went after Jason. Despite what he had done, she couldn’t leave him behind. She wouldn’t. It was a nice moment between them, but much of the weight that the two of them had together was less intense. It was a shame because they had something and that faded away when Sousa was suddenly made available again. Still it’s good to see that Jason truly is a good man.

The episode literally ended with Jason exploding in an attempt to stop Whitney with no indication of how it may have ended.

What did you think of the episode?

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