Agent Carter – “The Edge of Mystery” Review

Ana is still in rather serious condition at the hospital. Ana is out of surgery, but she hasn’t woken and it’s let Jarvis a mess. He’s desperate to know that she’s okay. While she finally woke up, it wasn’t without bad news. They learned that Ana would now never be able to have kids. Jarvis didn’t tell her, but she could sense something was up.

Agent Carter - "Edge of Mystery"Whitney Frost has Jason captive. More than anything she wants Jason to see things her way. She wants him to ebrace this force. Whitney sees Jason as an opportunity to get closer to her power. Jason sees it as a bit ludicrous, but after a while he listens to her. Trapped as he is, he might as well find out more about what she’s raving.

She eventually got to Jason before Peggy could get him. In such a short time, she got him to embrace his power. To begin to learn how to use it. More troubling was that Jason so easily decided to help Whitney Frost and himself to the point that he could kill Peggy. It was a little shocking. I can’t say that we knew him well enough to know if this is something he would truly do. That said it was a bad look and it spelled trouble for Peggy. Sousa couldn’t stand the idea of losing Peggy,

Mr. Samberly is quite pleased to be going on missions. While he was right to be offended by them not knowing his name or that Sousa hired him under the auspice that he was going to go on missions. However, he was perfectly willing to drop going on the mission so he could build a machine of Mr. Stark’s making. He built quite an amazing tool for the team to use.

Agent Carter - "Edge of Mystery"This episode also finally saw the conversion of Jack Thompson to fully working with Peggy. I have to admit, I never fully bought into the idea that Jack would really go so far to mess with Peggy for his advancement. Jack is a jerk, but he was never a bad guy. So when he actually tried to blackmail Peggy into doing what he was wanted, he reached a new low. Even still the truth that Peggy told him stuck with him until

When the zero matter was finally unleashed it seemed to have a choice. The voice that called to Whitney and Jason only pulled after Jason, leaving Whitney behind. We did learn that Whitney can’t be killed by an ordinary bullet though. Now she has Peggy and Jarvis in her custody.

What did you think of the episode?

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