The Flash – “King Shark” Review

Jumping back to the real world, well Earth-1, means that those who were in Earth-2 need to keep secrets.While Cisco seems mostly okay with keeping things quiet and adjusting back to life, that’s not the same. Jessie is bitter that she is stuck in this new world, cut off from everything that is home. Yet, there’s safety, so she seems to have a bit of mixed feelings. She does have her dad again and she get’s to work with him again. Barry on the other hand is not adjusting at all. Seeing Joe die and leaving everyone closed off on Earth-2 is weighing on him. We are getting more of depressed Barry, who really isn’t all that fun.

The Flash - "King Shark"I really enjoyed that Barry was finally included in the West family antics. They were all playing so nicely until Barry’s stoic behavior put a damper on the mood. Still Wally took it somewhat with stride and remained friendly, but even Barry got the sense that Wally doesn’t like him. I’m enjoying that Joe is encouraging the two boys to hang out. I’m glad that they are including Wally in the family, but also making it clear that Barry is a part of the family too and needs to put in the work too. Wally came to Barry to show him something he designed. he was really thrilled about it. Barry’s reaction was not encouraging. Rather than showing any enthusiasm he just pointed out the flaws and tried to justify his tone. It didn’t help. Wally seemed to legitimately trying to spend time with Barry and Barry just had an attitude. Joe was able to talk some calm into Wally’s frustration, but Barry really does need to put more of an effort in. He doesn’t get sympathy just because he’s The Flash and has problems.

Enter King Shark. He was kept by ARGUS and because he recently escaped the new head of ARGUS, Lyla has to go sort it out. King Shark is still operating on the goal to go after The Flash. He’s massive and leaving a terrible trail of havoc in his wake. Still, he’s really just trying to get to Barry and isn’t out for general mayhem. He’s a giant shark though. Despite the fact that his motivations were rather slim, I still found that I preferred seeing King Shark as an opponent. In the end Barry managed to stop King Shark, giving Lyla her irst successful mission as the head of ARGUS.

The Flash - "King Shark"The death of Jay has taken it’s toll on Caitlin. The initial shock was enough to partially cripple her. However once she finally bounced back she was cold. This change in demeanor made Cisco uneasy on multiple occasions. When he sees her now and how cold she’s acting, he can’t help but think of Killer Frost. The way Caitlin interrogated the scientist doing research she was not only aggressive, but terrifying. Thankfully, she loosened up by the end of the episode

There was also a nice line about Diggle’s helmet that we see on Arrow. After claims that it could use some improvements, Cisco says he’ll get on it. Digg also just can’t get beyond the fact that Barry is fast.

The final reveal that Jay Garrick was in fact Zoom was great. I’m glad that we finally got proof. However, now that this has been officially revealed, I’m starting to think Zoom may be collecting Jay Garrick’s from various Earth’s. His frustration in killing this Jay Garrick is because of one less person using speedforce for him to use.

What did you think of the episode?

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