Legends of Tomorrow – “Star City 2046” Review

Connor Hawke is particularly good at being Green Arrow, something that the Legends didn’t want to really stick around to find out what actually happened to Oliver. When Sara finally tracked Connor down, she got him to talk. She simply wanted to know what happened to Oliver. Instead she was told that Oliver was dead and that Ravager, Slade aka Deathstroke’s son, brought an army. This instantly put Sara and Rip on Connor’s side. It turned out that Connor was actually John Diggle Jr, That tidbit kind of broke my heart a bit. Diggle died because Connor couldn’t help him. Connor felt like he didn’t deserve his father’s name after that.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Star City 2046"Oliver’s brief eppearance was one of a man who has been defeated. He’s lost everything. Everyone that he cares about. Everyone that Sara cares about is dead. Even Oliver is dead inside, lingering his old Arrowcave. Sara eventually got him to come out and fight in order to save Connor. Getting to see an older Oliver was a bit of fun. As was him getting to acknowledge ray and Kendra in his old age. When it was all over Oliver officially took Connor under his wing, even though he doesn’t seem to be able to stop calling him John.

Watching Jax getting all pouty about having Ray as competition for Kendra was annoying. Add in the fact that there really is no competition because he’s a baby cmpared to everyone else and I find that he’s acting like a baby too. This is not the kind of Jax I want. Everything he does he acts like a petulant child. It’s growing weary. He was supposedly a smart kid, but now he’s nothing more than a brooding. The show even called it out as feeling like high school. It just didn’t work. It ended up being a little too annoying. Thankfully, Kendra shut it all don for both Ray and Jax making advances. She does after all have bigger problems.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Star City 2046"Snart and Mick went out to steal some things for Rip. In the process, Mick ended up the leader of a gang. He was perfectly fine leading those men, reveling and enjoying life like that. Snart on the other hand was about the mission. For as many bad things as Snart may do, he is not a bad guy. In fact, I’d go so far as to argue that Snart is a good guy who lets his greed get in the way. Mick is not a good guy. Mick is a bad guy, who is willing to follow Snart. However, Snart’s good intentions are clearly proving to be too much for Mick who would rather just rather see the earth burn. When Snart knocks out Mick to get him to do what he wants, their friendship begins to break. Snart tries to frame it as being the biggest baddies. Where it sits now, Mick is a time bomb waiting to betray them all.

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