The 100 – “Bitter Harvest” Review

Lexa is back at their stronghold with Clarke when they were given a gift. That gift happened to be Emerson, the last of the Mountain Men. He promptly attacked Clarke. It wasn’t surprising that when Lexa asked Clarke what should be done with Emerson, Clarke agreed that he should have death. For Clarke, looking at Emerson is a reminder of what she did on Mount Weather. A reminder that she destroyed someone’s life. Killing him is a way to remove that reminder forever. Emerson wants nothing, but revenge. Eventually she came to agree with Lexa’s initial stance to spare the man. Clarke just did it on a much grander scale as a last minute decision.

The 100 - "Bitter Harvest"Octavia is out trying to save the grounder village that Pike intends to destroy in order to get more land. Even though Pike knows that the grounders and standing down and are claiming that blood will not have blood. Octavia is not alone though, but they are forced to make a choice. Either they warn the village and hope they leave. If they stay Pike and his men will kill them all. Despite Octavia’s near indoctrination with the grounders, they still don’t trust her because she is part of Skaikru. If she hadn’t helped the boy from the village no one would have listened. It turned out they didn’t and were just preparing¬†for war. They struck back to defend their land, but destroyed the viability of the land in the process. Pike and Bellamy were no fools and realized it was Octavia who was behind it, but that only made her position more dangerous.

The 100 - "Bitter Harvest"Raven is on her own high thanks to whatever it is Jaha gave her. She’s floating and seeing so much. The city of Light is slowly growing. Abby is not so sure that whatever is happening is a good thing. All of her pain is relieved so she is susceptible, but even she questions when the idea of new code for Allie is mentioned. Deep down she knows that something is wrong. When what the ingestible was revealed it became clear that there’s something going on. It was jarring to realize that all his pain about Wells had been erased to the point that he didn’t remember his son. That pushed Abby to stop the distribution, but her assistant had already been swayed to Allie’s side. Turns out the program Allie needed may have been in the scuttle 13th station Polaris. Which as we learned happened to be located wherever John is being held.

What dd you think of the episode?

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