Agent Carter – “Hollywood Ending” Review

Agent Carter - "Hollywood Ending"Agent Carter kicked off it’s final episode right after the blast. Rather than the blast killing the people it should have, everyone walked out okay. Well, at least the two characters that had any stake. That’s the problem with that explosion. If there’s no loss it makes the event feel less meaningful. At the end of the day Jason ended up being perfectly okay. In fact, he was better. The zero matter had completely expelled from his body. Jason was in the clear.

Even Whitney was okay. Sure, she’d gone a bit nutty in her obsession. She just kept writing on her wall, trying to figure out an equation. There’s no doubt that she’s brilliant. However this obsession of hers is concerning those around her. So much so that Manfredi came to Peggy to try to get her out of it. He was worried and it was nice to see that genuine relationship between them. In the deal, Peggy and Stark managed to get information from Whitney. As Stark keenly pointed out. Truly smart people have even smarter people do the hard work and steal it. Their plan was to steal the formula they needed.

I really enjoyed seeing all the boys really geeking out as they tried to create the device. Their brainstorming sessions were quite humorous. The episode in general was rather funny. Time and time again there were little jokes thrown into the episode. Even jack got in on everything to help things out.

The ending was rather tragic. While they were able to get rid of all zero matter, Whitney was left a husk. She was driven even more mad. She was seeing hallucinations. She was not herself. Yet through it all, Manfredi still came to visit her. It was a sweet gesture. With the zero matter gone, everyone else needed to have their goodbyes as well. Jason had a new job. The Jarvises were safe and happy. However it was the final moment where things were made clear that Peggy and Sousa are going to have a thing. Maybe just maybe he was the reason that she doesn’t go back to New York.

Agent Carter - "Hollywood Ending"I will say that I was not too pleased to see the cliffhanger ending. especially knowing that Jack was left dead in the hotel room. Jack was certainly an obstacle, but he was a good guy and kept things interesting.

What did you think of the episode?

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