Legends of Tomorrow – “Marooned” Review

Ray is the acting captain of the ship. He’s quite thrilled by the prospect of being the leader. He’s practically giddy. Honestly, Ray is at his best when he’s chipper. The problem didn’t arise until a group of time pirates set their sites on the Waverider. They took Rip and Mick as hostages, leaving Stein in the drop ship. Ray making quips about using the Waverider like a video game and acting like Han Solo or Sulu. Even if he may not have the prestige of the general DC heroes, Ray is so ridiculously likeable. He’s a sweet guy and it’s hard not to like him. He does what he needs to do in order to save people. He risks his own life to save that of others.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Marooned"Mick has been frustrated since his fight with Leo. They are on the outs and that’s the whole reason that Mick decides to not stick with Leo. Mick is angry and the revelation that the only reason Mick was on the team was because Rip wanted Leo and he couldn’t get him without taking Mick too. When you think about things like that Mick’s place within the group really falls into perspective. The rift between Mick and Leo only deepened. Mick helped lead the charge against Waverider. It didn’t matter who was inside, he was looking out for himself and just wanted to get back to his time.

Captain Cold continues to be my favorite character on the show. There is so much depth to his character that the more that we learn about the character, the more I fall in love with him. He’s had a terrible past and every time he opens up about it he becomes that much more intriguing. I can’t wait to continue to delve into his character. Leo has grown in his time with the team. He’s allowed the good in him to really come out. It was always clear that it was deeply ingrained in who he was. Leo was a good man who was shaped by his circumstances to do some bad things. Now that he has the opportunity to do good he is taking it. Mick is now standing in the way of that journey. Leo feels responsible, so he’s the one who takes Mick out. We are left to assume that Leo killed Mick because he was a liability, but we haven’t actually seen a body, so until then we can’t be sure. The two were like surrogate brother’s and Leo’s soft spot may be an obstacle right now.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Marooned"I can’t deny that Stein isn’t a close second for my favorite character. He was off on his own little mission separated from everyone else. he had a few great moments. The funniest happened to be when he took out a guard when one could have assumed the one hitting the floor. Then he strolled in to his friends to save the day. Then he also knocked out the last space pirate. He was full of little last minute saves.

What did you think of the episode?

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