Agents of SHIELD – “Bouncing Back” Review

Agents of SHIELD was right back in the swing of things. It didn’t hold back when it came to jumping into the crap. Of course that put Coulson at the forefront. What was interesting was that SHIELD was given more of a blessing by the US government. They aren’t able to go pubic, but their operations are now in the clear. That is a big deal for SHIELD because that gives them a little more swing with what they are doing. Part of Coulson’s operations are recovering information from the baby Von Strucker.

Agents of SHIELD - "Bouncing Back"Meanwhile, Joey is really getting thrown into it all as a legitimate part of the team. He’s a bit weary because this is so out of his realm, but they found a role for him. He was able to serve as a translator. This was something he was able to slide right into. He is part of the team and he wants to be a part. I was kind of thrilled to see him integrate. The more this goes this direction the better chance we have of seeing Secret Warriors.

Agents of SHIELD - "Bouncing Back"They are still going after more inhumans. This time they are looking at an inhuman that has speed. She was able to take down and knock out Mack before he could so much as blink. She sized him up and took him out despite being half his size. She nearly took him out a second time before they began to talk. The return of the rest of his team allowed the tables to turn. However it quickly became clear that she was not the enemy. She and her people were stealing weapons because they were trying to fight to protect their people from the government. It made the entire situation messy. The cops that made things messy, one had a stone power. He was able to freeze them to keep them in place, but that didn’t make them lose any consciousness. With Bobbi and Hunter in custody, the team needed to come through. The way they took them down was a fun little tryst.

Over at HYDRA they are not taking the set back as one. Instead, HYDRA has taken the now dead Ward in. He’s very much dead, but something is inhabiting him. It’s making him hungry. It’s making him little more than a corpse. He’s eating raw meat. He certainly has an interesting powerset now. Heck, he’s down right dangerous.

Agents of SHIELD - "Bouncing Back"I have to admit that I wasn’t super in to this episode. It was solid. However, it just didn’t have the draw that I generally hope a midseason premiere episode would have.

What did you think of the episode?

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