Legends of Tomorrow – “Night of the Hawk” Review

1950s is not the era for a number of characters to really thrive in. However, it allowed for some of them to play up so rather specific roles. Ray and Kendra were pretending to be newlyweds and immediately were criticized for not moving in to the right town. They were recommended to go to a place more forward thinking. Kendra quickly rebuked it and I was honestly surprised there was no conflict. Jackson was then supposed to mix with the kids their age. Keep in mind Jackson is a black male in this far too white town. As a bit of a juxtaposition and commentary on the entire situation, Stein saw it as an idyllic place. A time to look back at longingly. It was quickly pointed out that it wasn’t so great if you were black, female, or not straight. It was interesting to see that each of the stereotypes were played with in some way.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Night of the Hawk"Actually, it was this element of this episode that was probably the most interesting. Repeatedly the show toyed with the position that these characters were in. Kendra being repeatedly referred to as hurt. Sara encountering a lesbian woman uncomfortable and afraid to be herself. Or Jackson in a position of fraternizing with a white woman. The show could have played these events at an extremely high level. Instead the show dug into some of the nasty realities that they would face. The fact that Jackson was caught with the girl at lovers lane then was assaulted by an officer when trying to save her life after they had been attacked felt realistic. This is a comic book show at its heart and easily could not address these things. I’m not saying that it went really deep, but it was more than just passing references and felt believable as a result.

They were all drawn to the town because of some events that were discovered in the previous episode. it was a solid lead confirmed by attacks on people in the town. They were mysterious murders and it was pointing straight to Savage. He believed the Kendra that he encountered hadn’t yet received her powers, thus was still useless. This led to a very awkward dinner party, an almost disastrous heist, and an attempt on Savage.

Legends of Tomorrow - "Night of the Hawk"Increasingly, I care less and less about Savage. We know that he is a major threat. The problem is that he’s this ominous looming threat. Going forward in the future seasons, I’m fairly certain that I’d prefer to see them attacking individual problems in various eras. It seems to take away some of the fun from the time jumping premise because the Savage threat both feels too pressing and not pressing enough.

At the tail end of the episode, Kronos attacked the ship forcing them to leave Kendra, Ray, and Sara behind before they could get back.

What did you think of the episode?

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