The 100 – “Terms and Condition” Review

Damn has this newly opinionated Bellamy changed. Don’t get me wrong, from the very beginning Bellamy was about protecting the people he loves first and second his people, skaikru. Bellamy has resorted to violence in a way he never did before. When the news of the blockade came to Arcadia, Bellamy took it out on the grounders by shooting them for bringing their terms. The thing with Bellamy though is that he’s acting so harshly it seems to be taking a toll on him. He does things that would have previously pissed him off. He’s going all in. Balls deep. He’s not turning back despite any attempts to sway people.

The 100 - "Terms and Conditions"Things are getting extremely serious inside of Arcadia. Pike is suspicious of traitors. It just so happens that he has reason to be suspicious with Kane around trying to find ways to stop this war from happening at any cost. Kane went about trying to recruit people. He was trying to convert anyone that he could to his side There were certainly willing participants, but there were’t a lot. There were enough people to cause chaos. It was the cover he needed to deliver Pike to the grounders and end the blockade. Monty however screwed the entire plan over allowing Bellamy the tie to stop Kane. Pike sentenced him to death for his acts of treason.

Raven is enlisting the help of Jasper. She wants to get the code for Allie. She’s really determined, but the access she needed was locked away by Monty. Jasper being his best friend was able to help her figure out what the password would be. Jasper wasn’t just doing it out of the kindness in his heart, but the opportunity to get one of the pills. It was actually Jasper’s prodding about how she lost the bad things that startled her. She started to realize something was up when she couldn’t remember her first kiss with Finn. What Allie needed was in her reach, she had it in her hands, but she rejected it and Allie. She knew something was up with the entire situation and it couldn’t have been good. From this we learned that Allie can’t work against free will.

The 100 - "Terms and Conditions"If this episode did one thing it was somehow ramp up the tension Arcadia even further. It didn’t also introduce a number of the younger characters expressing regret over their decisions. They were no longer certain that following Pike was truly the best thing to be done.

What did you think of the episode?

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