BEA 2016 – I’m Coming For You

May 10th is quickly approaching. In fact, we are officially less than two months away. Some of you may be wondering why this may be so exciting for me that I’m mentioning it here. I’m going to Chicago. For a very specific reason. I’m going to BEA (Book Expo America) to review the event and hopefully return with more books to review for you all.

Technically, I still need to get my pass. I really have to hope that they will approve me. Fingers crossed they will because I’d like to report back to you all how the event stands. In the past I’ve reviewed events that I’ve attended whether it was one of the number of comedy festivals, or the Texas Teen Book Fest. I try to keep you all in the loop. With any luck, I will get a pass to add yet another experience to the list. It will be interesting to see what sort of trends will be making it to market over the next year.

I’ve already bought my plane tickets and I’m excited. Let me know below if you will be attending.

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