Supergirl – “Falling” Review

Supergirl is kind of in a current state of bliss. Kara is confident and really embracing who she is. She’s starting to get the swing of being Supergirl and balancing her hero life with her personal life. That however gets kicked into over drive when she comes in contact with some red Kryptonite. Her confidence shifts into becoming cocky. Her attitude completely shifts and it’s interesting to watch. However soon she transitions into being downright mean. Then mean became entirely dangerous.

Supergirl - "Falling"The problem of the red Kryptonite is causing problems with Kara. It was finally revealed that Lord had created Red Kryptonite. It has been messing with Kara on a molecular level. After Lord realized what he had done he actually came forward to help. He ultimately made Kara the monster he was afraid of as he feebly tried to trap Non. let’s be real the supposed trap was half baked and nearly unbelievable. The change in Lord’s behavior suggests a more complex character that isn’t just out to destroy Supergirl. I’ll be interested to see if he becomes a more ambiguous character that at times helps while other times is the enemy.

Cat Grant has proved to be a delight as we see more of her. I will admit that I didn’t love her initially, she was undoubtedly fierce, but we lacked seeing anything that humanized her. As that has changed, my respect for the woman has drastically increased. Despite having the power to completely demolish Supergirl’s reputation, she sees Supergirl as a beacon of hope. That is until her life was threatened. She had no choice, but to inform the public. We saw that Cat still believes in Supergirl. There’s a great relationship between the two.

Te most heart wrenching moment of the entire episode was Kara staring down Alex. Hank was forced to reveal himself in order to save Alex from Kara. He had no choice. He loves Alex like his own daughter and he couldn’t let her die. He loves the two of them so much that he would rather stay and be locked up than to see them in danger.

Supergirl - "Falling"Caught in the crossfire of Kara’s new found callousness from the red Kryptonite was Siobhan. She was seeking to raise to the top. Siobhan couldn’t stop and she just happened to wrong Supergirl at the wrong time. It gave Kara the opportunity to completely destroy her career. We seemingly saw the last of Siobhan, but I get the feeling that I doubt it.

I’m glad that the episode didn’t try to lump the after math in too quickly. Instead it was given the chance to breath. We saw how Kara’s actions impacted those around her. James doesn’t know how to be around her. Cat is quietly accepting her, even encouraging her. Alex is finally adressing that they have things they need to work on.

While I’m glad to have our Kara back, I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t love the little bit of extra confidence in her or that new wardrobe.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Supergirl – “Falling” Review

  1. What an episode. Great moment to see J’onn return the favor to Alex and reveal himself. The good news is, J’onn is a bonafied hero, so at some point, things are going to work out in his favor and get back to some sort of normalcy. This was a long time coming because we never really did find out what happened to the actual Henshaw. Get ready for Silver Banshee!!

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